A Helping Hand


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Often times when we're in need of help; we fail to seek it out in the most obvious of places -- having faith within ourselves; and too is having a wonderful sense of humor about our foibles.

A Helping Hand

Often times the best place...

To find a helping hand;

 Is at the end of ones own arm!

That just smacks me...

Square between the Eyes!

Wake Up, Wake Up!

Please excuse me...

It's time I get a manicure.


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knight4696 commented on A Helping Hand


Kanicki ... Lol! :) Very Funny ... I find myself saying DUH! and smacking myself in the head too. lol! :) Nice job once again! :) Ken



Ken - I gotta hand it to you....LOL, I don't know how many times I've experienced the DUH moments in life...LOL. Peace, Love and Light my friend.

stellar commented on A Helping Hand


lol....unusually beautiful perspective...I'm so please to read your works...^_^ v



stellar - a big heartfelt for taking time to visit my humble home...LOL. I shall revisit your home shortly friend. peace, love and light

Madelynn commented on A Helping Hand


LOL!!- A total chick poem, love it!! lol... hate to see what happens when we need a pedicure- LOL!! Your work makes me smile Janice- so entertaining-you are.-Maddi



Madelynn thanks for visiting my humble home; coming from a gifted poet like Maddi I'm honored! Maddi you make me smile too; you're too funny; I better rush out and get one of those too..just to keep me on my toes:) LOL...as for your you're well groomed...in many ways! Peace, Love and Light

lonewolf commented on A Helping Hand


Great wisdom in very few words. Regina2 told me about you, and suggested I stop by to read some of your poems.... I'm glad I did



lonewolf thanks for visiting my humble home. Regina2 is precious as you know like spirits travel alike...LOL. Peace, Love and Light

duty commented on A Helping Hand


Always do your best what you plan now....You will harvest later.



Duty - Wow what wonderful wisdom. Thank You! Peace, Light and Love.

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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