A Portrait Of My Daughter


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 This poem is about learning to let go of our "touch up" tools when it comes to those we love, and allowing grace to set us free; letting them become who they were meant to be   :)

A Portrait Of My Daughter


I held the fresh, clean canvas…

unblemished, incomplete…

Miraculous potential…

untouched as yet and sweet.


My mind caressed a vision…

my heart joined in the game…

I beheld a flawless portrait…

within a perfect frame.


But time revealed some brush strokes…

I felt were out of place…

And lines I did not want there…

foolish pride lacking grace…


And then I met the Artist…

His skillful plan yet to unfold…

A portrait of my daughter…

On canvas He now holds….


Her tender spirit His to paint…

design and color like none other…

Not expecting me The Artist be…

…but to love her as her mother.

By Sharain Clark ~1995


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gogant commented on A Portrait Of My Daughter


I see a mother as she holds her newborn in the morning light. She's smiling and thinking of what the little one will become...and, then it's tomorrow and mom, the artist, hasn't disturbed the oils that were meant to be...........Very, very, beautiful......I am poetically sated for today..................gogant



wow...that is praise beyond the measure of worth, my friend. Your evaluation is spot on...to love unconditionally, with guidance and patience, not with intent to change what the Creator created.... :-)

philjonesin commented on A Portrait Of My Daughter


BOO YOW! when I am speechless, blown away by poetry , someone elses or my own. That word comes to mind everytime. So I give you the highest honor of my favorite praise. BOO YOW!



Wow. Well thank you very much! I will make a point to read more of you soon! I like that idea...a special word for when you're blown away...I'll have to think on that...lol

soulwriter commented on A Portrait Of My Daughter


I have a 16 year old daughter - my only child, perfect in my eyes and still a typical teenager, with many pages to be written and countless brush strokes to be carefully places to paint and construct a life that will be completed as each day passes, and until then as your words gracefully instruct... we love them! Excellent artistic words of expression.



Thank you, soulwriter. I share your sentiments, even with three teenagers under foot....lol. Well, wait a minute...it's the clothes under foot, not the teenagers...lol. Yes, they are perfect in their respective right, not so much in application..lol, but I do love them more than anything in the world and wouldn't change a thing about them other than maybe requesting a manual to come with...lol. :-)

koolmom0 commented on A Portrait Of My Daughter


This is beautiful Wam. I to have a daughter, and if a picture can paint a thousand words. :) Kool

Qualin commented on A Portrait Of My Daughter


above average writing expression of God's gift to a MOTHER a real mother that is...there are so many that havn't had the Love of a mother or father like we have....very good it's a wammo!!!



Thank you, Qualin......All it takes is one look at my daughters and my eyes see the most beautiful girls in the world and I fall in love all over again every single time...and they're teenagers!!!...lol..I am truly blessed!

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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