A Study of Faith


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    A Study of Faith

    On the eve of judgement under the fiery sky

    The angel of death came to take me home,

    He wore a big assed smile as he was

    Leading me away and then the truth hit me

    Like a freight train out of the night;


    The black angel let me go and I

    Had to race with Michael to

    The pearly gates and when I met

    Saint Peter and looked him in

    The eye he simply said that I

    Could go straight on down;


    Midnight came on my way through purgatory

    And the heathens sang their praises to me,

    The exalted nonbeliever,

    As I faced Armageddon in the name

    Of all the living, dying and dead;


    I walked along the beach of shadows,

    My lone footprints trailing behind me

    As I looked to the sky in time to see

    My tormented, pitiful past catch up with

    Me in a rain of fire before I ran into

    The ocean and danced on holy water while

    The demons of apocalypse screamed their

    Vengeance upon me;


    Looking for my new challenge,

    I ran into the four horsemen and they

    Showed no signs of sympathy passing

    Me on their ride of destiny;


    I came to the edge of Eden and faced

    The fiery sword before the serpent

    Helped me to crawl back to my womb;


    As the angel opened seal after seal,

    I saw that the prophecies were all

    Man made and looking back to the unholy

    Darkness from where I had come,

    I saw that the secret hosts of evil

    Were just a bunch of greedy white men;


    So I started to dig my tunnel of

    Hopelessness with my faith in god

    When a spaceship landed on the

    Beach before me,

    And just when I thought that

    I had seen it all,

    God stepped out with open hands and said,

    “Here’s another chance boy,

    Take it and be good for goodness sake!”

    And from somewhere near,

    I could hear the Black Angel

    Laughing to beat the devil . . .

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    cmlestrade commented on A Study of Faith


    Very different but I would guess you spend a lot of time reading the bible. Totally different take on this.



    I do read the bilbe but as a skeptic. This was inspired by the goofy theory that god was actually an extra terrestrial so it's mostly a joke. There might be some left over thoughts from my previous life as a Catholic though. I'm glad you like it.

    In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

    Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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