A Taste of Death


A Taste of Death

You live your life as if there are no consequences,

Throw your caution in the dust and take your chances;


Ski naked in the freezing snow,

Die laughing, it's the only way to go;


Dive deep into shark infested waters,

Spend sinful nights with Satan's daughters;


Run wild through these angry streets,

Dance on glass in your bare feet;


Howl to the moon, stare into evil eyes,

Fly with the tycoon, live on empty lies;


Roll the dice, snake eyes never lose,

Find your courage in this bottle of booze;


A bungy cord is your line to life,

Run on the edge of a bloody knife;


Play chicken with a raging bull

Just to make life anything but dull;


Laugh hysterically into the reaper's eyes,

Listen to hell and hear the damned one's cries;


Race across the storm raged sky,

Don't look back, never ask why;


Skydive without a parachute,

What the hell?  There's nothing to lose;


Spill this powder and chop your dinner,

See an empty reflection in this deadly mirror;


Play Russian roulette with your daddy's gun,

If not for suicide, than do it for fun;


Only one will remain standing in the end,

Without an enemy, or even a friend . . .

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ItsHeartBeat commented on A Taste of Death


Haha, great. I love this one! I wonder though...what were you feeling when you wrote this one?



I'm glad you like it. The title is from a book and I was actually thinking of an episode, I think the first one, of "Mork and Mindy" if you remember that show. He was dressed up as a priest and some guy came to him and said he wanted to commit suicide and Mork, being the naive alien that he was, started giving him ideas on how to kill himself. So that's where this came from.



Wow, no way! That's awesome. Heh. Great job, I really enjoyed reading it. :) Thank you!

Iamadreamr commented on A Taste of Death


I like this one it makes sense to me I will be glad to add you to my friends I havent been really writing lately .

atrophy42 commented on A Taste of Death


Definitely dig this poem excellant work my friend

alwaysbroken16 commented on A Taste of Death


holy crap. im completely amazed right now. this is amazing.



Thank you. It's an older poem but still a good one I think.

am2anangel commented on A Taste of Death


I'm really likeing your style Ihope you post more soon. Great job with the vivid imagery once again.



Thank you, I'm glad you like it. It was actually written 15 years ago. Check out my new poem "Mustang".

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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