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This poem is dedicated to my " nonners" My Love, My life, my all


It must have been the light that was around you
It must have been the beauty that i could have swore was untrue
Amaze is a feeling that is so deep and sweet
Amaze is uncontrollable and runs through your system from your head down to your feet
When i first looked into your eyes i knew i had to make you mine
What didnt help matters was the fact that you were so sweet and indeed so kind.
We got along so well that we seemed to know each other for years
Even though we seem to be different you had called me your man so quickly and that erased all of my fears
I am not good at writing these kind of love poems so please forgive me
I am just trying to express my love and emotions for you as few can clearly see
Amaze describes how i feel when i am around you
I have lost all of my bad emotions and what remains is my dreams come true
Day by day i dream of you
Day by day i wish we were together and that it was true
Day by day i imagine your gental scent
Day by day i  begin to see dreams of roses and in you is what they meant
Day by day i imagine nyou smiling next to me
Day by day I see a happiness in you that only you and i can see
Amaze and pride is described in what i think of you
Maybe now that your're in my life i can release all of my nightmares and let in my dreams come true
I jsut wrote this poem because there is one more thing i want you to know
That is that every time i talk to you the best of you will always seem to glow

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Mandi commented on Amaze


from I hate this to amaze....within one month, wow- how do you do it?

MOMofTWINS commented on Amaze


What a beautiful piece you have here Dan.. It feels straight from the heart and 100% real... Wonderfully done!

nonners commented on Amaze


i love it dan very sweet,i appreciate it very much and feel truly honored

Dano commented on Amaze


i an feel your enthusiasm in this poem, you really want to say everything you can all at one time, i like the way you said you were not good at writing these kinds of love poems but actually you are....i like this

1990lh commented on Amaze


awwwwwwww wow dany i'm so happy for u great job very beautiful excellent i luv it dany YAY

In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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