Bar Talk


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True story, I went to pick a friend up at a bar; I don't drink and hang out at bars, while I was waiting for her to gather up her things and pay her tab; this is what I heard and witnessed while waiting to ride her home. I don't like drinking and never did; hanging out in a bar I always throught was a total waste of time. But the bar talk and behavior is very interesting and often sickening to watch. On an occasion it can be rather humorous...this is one of those occasion.

Bar Talk

Bar Talk
He leered at her with a chessy-cat grin;
Said, "Hey babe your place or mine"?
From his bar chair, drunk he yelled,
"I've have you moaning within no time"!
Glaring back at him to his chagrin;
She Said, "Oh babe! "Where do I begin"?
Don't you know dogs chase cars;
cause they surely can't drive them"! 

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ListninEar commented on Bar Talk


That was pretty cute/ funny! I was waiting for the rest, was a bit short. Maybe you need to make a few more trips to the bar for a few more stories to add to it! lol.



Thanks ListninEar - LOL - I wish I had the time...LOL. Perhaps we'll meet for a drink and work on a combined effort:) Peace Love and Light

julieannetx commented on Bar Talk


Too funny! Nothing like a drunk in a bar who thinks he's a stud! Love it!



Julie - isn't that the truth...LOL. Peace, Love and Light.

gmcookie commented on Bar Talk


They Can't? Gee Whiz... I have to have a frank discussion with my dog - when he gets back with my Lamborghini! But that dog is pretty bold. He walked into a bar the other day and said to the bartender "Hey, check this out. I'm a talking dog. How about a free drink for a talking dog?" The bartender replied "Sure thing. The toilet is down the hall second door on the right." This is a well written piece, Kanicki... A ten from me.



gmcookie - you are too funny...LOL! Now that's a wonderful joke and when you have the chance I love to take a ride in you Lamb...LOL. Peace, Love and Light

erroneousflint commented on Bar Talk


Gee whiz____Nice, nice, nice work...thanks alot for that ..Don't "Make" me be the "one" Kanicki!!!!!



erroneousflint - you can chase my car and drive it too...LOL. Full speed ahead...LOL. Peace, Love and Light.

Ming commented on Bar Talk


Funny . . quite clever . . I like . -Ming



Hey Hey Ming - the whole bar thing is rather funny at times...LOL:) Peace Love and Light

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Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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