Put a bullet through my head; make me cry until I’m dead.
Put a bullet through my skull; make me pay for being so dull.
Put a bullet through my face; make me say I’m sorry babe.
Put a bullet through my head; make me cry until I'm dead.

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melankolik commented on Bullet


so much rage...maybe too much. I feel it wasn't properly channelled...it begins with a bang and then just fizzles out from the next line down...i love the title though...and the beginning...nice!



Thank you I will work on it:]

Lolee commented on Bullet


I can understand this completely. I have written stuff like this, but never put it out there. I actually liked it. Just remember...write it to get it off your chest...never act it out. I know you felt better after writing this didn't you? I always feel release...like,"Now I can breath." You go girl! TEN.



I did feel better. I always do! Thank you for all of your support throughout my writting:]

cmlestrade commented on Bullet


Well this was one of the most entertaining pieces of depressive writing I have come across. Even though I found the topic disturbing, I found your sense of meter and use of rhythm very good. I'm curious as to why you chose such a morbid topic but you handled it very well.



Well, thank you. I chose this because me and my boyfriend of almost 2 years had just broken up. I was on the computer and I felt a sting in my heart and then in my head, wondering if I had made the right decision. I only write about how I feel. This poem here had just popped up in my head so I decided to write it down and submit it onto my poetry page.

Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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