Crazy in love to


  • Love

    Crazy in love to

    Wandering hopelessly suspended in time searching for love short of loosing my mind
    Bound by my wisdom in control of my heart
    determined to find someone who loves me a lot
    Somewhat good looking and muscles to spare
    Don't find it hard to find someone who cares
    Extremely charismatic and my smile warms you heart
    And then I met you and all sanity stopped
    First I lost my appetite and did not want to eat
    Then I was up all night and couldn't hardly sleep
    Almost lost my job day dreaming about you all day
    Stayed on the phone with you so long ran out of things to say
    Found out you were cheating could not believe a word
    Searching myself for reasons processing what I heard
    I forgot who I was and the things about you I didn't like
    Tried to hold on to you with all of my might
    Beaten by rejection and burdened by pain
    I still think your going to be my lover again

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    RJK commented on Crazy in love to


    Very well done. Great flow keeps the mesage moving nicely. No matter how men want to be tough but we all end up like this.

    Iridesse commented on Crazy in love to


    Something I wish a guy could some day say to me or feel that way! You really know how to express yourself! :]

    Robby commented on Crazy in love to


    Now this one really hit home for me because it is exactly what I feel deep down in my heart.

    MarieRose commented on Crazy in love to


    I liked this and have known the same pain...there is always a reason and another love...

    Wakeitha commented on Crazy in love to


    I sorry to here that, but we all make that mistake not letting God in. He is our helper and he can help you find the woman of your desire. But be specific on the soul make you want. Pray and seek him first.

    Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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