Death Therapy


Death Therapy

I’m being pushed around and

Kicked while I’m down,

I’ll be back for revenge,

they had better run;

I believed their lies and

Lived their uncertainty,

There was no one there for

Me but it doesn’t matter;

They sold their dirt to the

Hole inside my head,

I’m coming back invincible,

The way it should be,

It’s never over . . .


Her love died and

She lived to tell,

I knew what was happening

And still I fell,

We live apart and will conquer

Together and fly so high;


They call me shady but I

Know that I was never wrong,

The truth burns in the

Fire and we die on . . .


They twisted the knife in my back,

I’ll kill and hold no remorse,

I know this to be true,

Cry yourself to sleep tonight;

The ruling power of arrogance

Shatters the false mirror of confidence,

They took my destination

Away from my sight,

They will be forgotten;


Well I don’t know where the time has gone

But I won’t be left behind for long

Even as they lie and con;


She will forget my face

But at least I got one taste,

She will fade into history

And I won’t look back,

High ‘til I die;


They think I’m insane but I

Know the meaning of my song,

I was born on fire and their forked

Tongues are tied with half-truths from

Their soft and empty balls;


You may think that I’m crazy,

I just finished a bong,

I’ll embrace death before I tire

And still I’ll ride on;


I saw her broken hearts trace

Written all over her face

But she wasn’t any kind of loss,

Just some dark valley I had

To cross . . .

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mamasan commented on Death Therapy


Ah at least we got you out of hibernation dylan and your at least you are reacting to the shit going on all around us....and that is your assignment because I know your not crazy....its them that's crazy the way they are running this nation...they have robbed us blind and now to top it off they are taxing us for it... Okay after that tirade I just spelled out you have proof your not the one that's it is incumbent upon you and your generation that you save your generation and your kids by getting this nation back in the safe mode and because your intelligent you young people should all rise up and not with chaos or violence.......stick our Bill of Rights under their noses and tell them they have broken the contract to protect the citizens and therefore tell them 'basta' a strong word my mom always used. Go to it Dylan....



Well actually we are all crazy in some way. Imean think about it we are forced to live in this corrupted word full of hate and pain and lies and deceit, cheaters and liars, whores and all the above. but the difference between us and them is we are a unique kind of crazy...

Writer1 commented on Death Therapy


This is a dark and moody piece which also gave me goosebumps in its final lines. Some experiences are easily recognized...recognize this mood... Thanks for sharing it.

Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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