Dream scape


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    Dream scape

    Welcome to a land, that's not really there
    where thoughts are visible, but you can't see them
    where emotions are tangible, but you can't feel them
    where feelings are audible, but you can't hear them
    where reality is fiction, but it is all too real
    ...You Dream.

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    stellar commented on Dream scape


    Oh...you captured the very essence of a dream..love this one

    soulwriter commented on Dream scape


    Dare to daydream the whole day through - good words to live and write by.

    sherriee1 commented on Dream scape


    True. Without hope,their is no hope. Sherriee1

    hollowgirl commented on Dream scape


    very nice!

    Stealthsmommy commented on Dream scape


    I love dreaming it is when you imagination take you with a fury of emotion. =] love it!

    In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

    Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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