Dying To Humiliate


Dying To Humiliate

Okay y'all ive been working on a book for the last year or so and i figured that i would share what i have so far. Tell me what y'all think and if you want to hear chapter 2 or not. This is a chatroom vote to see how well the book does

        Chapter 1

        As Tyler Wilcox was driving his car into the pouring rain he had just one thought on his mind. Okay I just have to interview this killer and then I’m headed home. He shouldn’t have that big of a story. Kids were mean to me. I set off explosives everyone dies and I believe I come out the winner of this battle until I lose my case. Tyler has heard this story a million times when he sees teen murders. Only this guy isn’t a teen anymore. He may have committed the murders when he was a teen but now he was just days before getting the electric chair and already a lifetime has slipped away from him before finally it was time for him to die. It’s been 20 years since the murders that Sam Everett had committed and Tyler remembers how he felt that day. On that day he was only 3 but knew that something had happened. He knew that his young life was changed forever on the day Sam Everett created havoc and eventual murder at Blue Berry Hill High School, which even to this day has taken an extra precaution against fiends of the likes of Sam. Tyler has never met Sam, but then again he never had the desire to ever meet him. From what he was told Sam Everett's actions were so malicious that he was given the nickname " the animal" as soon as he landed in booking. He was said to have not many behavioral problems since he was admitted, but the last time he caused a riot was when he was in his late twenties and he was now 37. 37 years old is too young for anyone else in the world to die but it was way too old for a mass murdering jerk off like Samuel Jay Everett to be alive. Finally Tyler had arrived at the prison.

        Oranthalle State Penitentiary was known for several things. Its controversial methods of the guards dealing with the inmates, its laundry list of health and code violations, the fact that it was the only penitentiary in the state of Texas to still have a working electric chair as their mode of death penalty, and finally last but not least it was known to have housed the most noctorious murderer Blue Berry Hill has ever seen. Sam Everett. As Tyler looked at the prison he could have swore that it was built of the likes of Count Dracula’s castle. The prison had stood for over a century and was considered old fashioned. The facility itself stood over 100 feet high off the ground and housed more than 1,000 inmates and about a quarter of them were in the prison for murder. It was known to most of the prisoners and ex convicts as The Big O. But none of this mattered. Whatever this prison was like it was too good for the likes of the man he had come to see.

        As Tyler walked up to the front desk after entering he looked around. He could see why this place had several health and code violations just by the looks of it. It was poorly lit, had dust crawling all over it and even had several gnats that were crawling out of the holes of the walls. Tyler looked around suspiciously awaiting for a python or some other kind of killer animal to pass in front of him but there was none. " Can I help you?" asked the main officer at the front desk. " Yeah I’m here to interview Sam Everett. My names Tyler Wilcox from the Texas Tribune and would like to do a story on him seeing he is to be executed in 48 hours" replied Tyler.

" Mr. Everett has only had one visitor since he was admitted into Oranthalle in the last 20 years. She has seen him once a week ever since he was brought in here and has never been interviewed. After all there is a reason they do call him ' the animal'“ explained the officer as he gave Tyler a hard look. " I understand that sir but the public would like an update on the man who changed the life of Blue Berry Hill forever just before he dies" replied Tyler. Suddenly the officer had looked Tyler up and down quickly asking him to leave all items behind, so Tyler dropped his cell phone, pager, wallet, and a couple of pens on the desk after being allowed to carry a tape recorder to be able to do the interview.

" Everett will be in the interrogation room in about a half hour. You may wait here until he is there Mr. Wilcox" said the officer with a flash of arrogance. " Thank you" Tyler said as he sat down quietly reading the newspaper. He smiled when he read the sports section and saw that the Spurs basketball star finally retired after 20 losing seasons. 20 losing seasons, he was a rookie when Sam Everett was admitted here. I wonder what Sam thought of this guys playing career from the inside here thought Tyler to himself as he continued to read the sports section. Finally after what seemed to take forever to occur the officer had escorted Tyler to the man he had come to see.

        As Tyler Wilcox walked down the cellblocks he had seen that the prison was massively overcrowded despite its large size. Prisoners were holding out their hands and begging to be released before finally being smashed on the hand with batons and having their hands broken. Tyler could tell they were broken by the snapping sound of bones.  " Is this the way you always treat the prison population here?" asked Tyler as he shuttered. " Well let me ask you a question Mr. Wilcox. When is the last time you cared for any of these prisoners when it wasn’t your job to do it?" asked the officer. " Let me ask you a question officer. Why is that any concern of you?" asked Tyler countering.  “My point is the general public doesn’t give a rip how we treat these prisoners at all and each and every one of these prisoners could suddenly pass away overnight in a prison brawl and none would care. Why? Because as a general rule the public believes that these people that are behind bars have already had their chance and lost it. They believe they are not people but animals and you are about to meet the biggest animal of them all" replied the officer " Can you ask your guards not to do that in front of me?" asked Tyler as he realized that he was getting nowhere with this conversation. " Hey they don’t tell you how to do your job what gives you the right to tell them how to do theirs?" asked the officer hotly as finally they have arrived at the interrogation room. Then Tyler walked in and had a seat just before he realized that Sam wasnt there yet. " Where is Mr. Everett?" asked Tyler getting annoyed. " He will be here in a few minutes. We caught them just before they went off to their exercises" replied the guard. So, Tyler had lit a cigarette before the officer put it out impolitely. " No smoking within prison walls" the guard had said as he threw Tyler’s cigarette into the nearby ashtray. Finally the heavy sound of shackles could be heard which included ball and chain.  It was so loud that Tyler gritted his teeth.

" What is that sound?" asked Tyler. " That is the sound of your man coming into the room" replied the officer with a laugh. " Does he need to be shackled and weighed down with that much weight?” asked Tyler.

" Not really but let me ask you a question. Would you rather us allow him to come in here unprotected?" asked the officer. " I suppose not,” replied Tyler as the door had opened and Sam Everett had walked in.

        Samuel Jay Everett looked completely different than he did when he was brought into prison. So much different that Tyler almost thought he was a different inmate. When he was brought into the prison Sam stood at six foot five with a natural tan and would have been attractive if he wasn’t rail thin with glasses and looking like the typical nerd. He was perfectly healthy when he was admitted into the prison without a scar on his entire body. Now with a hunched back Sam stood at about only 6'0 was so muscular he looked like he had been taking steroids, pale skinned, appeared to be injected with several drugs and had scars all over his body including several knife slashes right above his left eye. While his hair was long just before he was admitted and now his head was shaved completely bald with what appeared to be a razor based on the gashes in his skin. Sam even appeared to look sick. Finally he was instructed to sit.  " Can I have the chains and shackles removed please? After all this is just an interview,” asked the booming voice of Sam Everett. " Extra precaution Everett. You know the rules,” the officer said as he smacked Sam in the back of the head with his baton. Suddenly he had seen Sam with clenched teeth. " Release him from the chains immediately" Tyler demanded as he had slammed a fist on the table putting a dent on it. Suddenly there was quietness in the room. " Okay. Release Everett” the officer who escorted Tyler had instructed. So, the chains were taken off of him. Then the guards had watched the interview from the outside,

        As soon as Tyler had looked Sam up and down he had an amazed look on his face. " Not quite what you would have expected is it?" asked Sam. " Not at all. I expected some towering monster of a killer" replied Tyler. " Sometimes people aren’t as they seem to be. You think you know someone well and suddenly BAM everything you know about him or her is gone,” replied Sam as he smiled for the first time. Several teeth in his mouth were knocked out, probably from either being thrown against the bars of his cell or a fight. " Very much understandable Mr. Everett" said Tyler. " You know it’s strange. You know my name but I have never learned yours" Sam said with a laugh. " Oh excuse me. My name is Tyler Wilcox," replied Tyler showing his nametag. " Tyler Wilcox. I knew your mother because she was one of the few people that I went to school with that actually treated me with respect" replied Sam. " So why did you do it Sam? Why did you feel you had to kill my mother and every other innocent life? Just to make people believe that you’re a homicidal monster?" asked Tyler. " Hey whoa there. Before you get all worked up why not listen to my story and THEN judge me if you chose?" asked Sam. " That’s what I came here to do so start talking" Tyler said as he began recording the story that would remain in the back of his mind forever. The story of the man who instituted the bombing at Blue Berry Hill High school, the story of the most notorious killer at Orenenthalle State Penitentiary, the story of Samuel Jay Everett.

Let me know if y'all are interested in hearing the second chapter

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1990lh commented on Dying To Humiliate


wpw this is great i love it this rocks i could not o although my family was making so much noise i still was like focus on your book that how great it was i really enjoyed reading it and im glad there is a chap2 too you are an amazing writer.

SuperDan commented on Dying To Humiliate


The Title for this book Is Dying To Humiliate and the second chapter will come soon if y'all like it

am2anangel commented on Dying To Humiliate


Wow very impressive; now I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for chapter 2. you better hurry with it. Great discriptive detail. I loved it. I look forward to more, what's your title for the book? Someday I'll be saying I knew you when... lol! Great job

Chelles commented on Dying To Humiliate


I must say that I am very interested in a second chapter. I dont read books very often, but this one I think I could stay awake for.

bobarobbob commented on Dying To Humiliate


interesting first chapter. You should work on your tense a bit though. i would read more. :o)

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