Dying To Humiliate Chapter 2


Dying To Humiliate Chapter 2

  For those of you who wanted to read chapter 2 here it is. Let me know if i should post chapter 3 or not y'all   Chapter 2

        In Blueberry Hill Texas only two passions existed, football and country music. So, it comes to no surprise why Sam Everett was considered as an outcast. All his life Sam was more of a bookworm than anything else and never even seemed to fit in no matter how hard he tried. While all of his peers were country music fiends Sam was a fan of heavy metal rock. While the rest of his peers were fans of football Sam was the closer of the baseball team who only had barely enough players to fill a roster. While the rest of Sam’s peers never cared for school much Sam had big plans and big dreams that included leaving Blueberry Hill and heading for somewhere more out west in a bigger town...like Las Vegas, Nevada, LA, or even his favorite town of all that he only spent a day in. Salt Lake City, Utah. Because Sam was so different he was constantly picked on and scorned and had practical jokes played on him every day...but none cared. Not even his parents cared what was happening to him. Every day since Sam was in the first grade he was taunted by classmates and seen as a social misfit. None of that mattered right now. What mattered was that it was today was the first day of Sam’s senior year and the day that he knew would be the end if his torment in only one more year. In just one more year Sam’s troubles would all be over.

        As Sam rolled out of bed he looked out his window at the big Texas sun taunting him. It was constantly mocking him every morning telling him " good morning Sam. Every day brings new challenges and a fresh start for everyone except for you. Everybody but you gets a fresh start all because of one thing and one thing only. Your Sam Everett. You’re the most pathetic life form God has ever had the chance to create and your parents know it. Hell the world knows it. But soon you will have the chance to escape this world and create your own life.... if you can survive today.... good luck with that Sam" UGH another day in this rat hole of a town" Sam muttered as he climbed out of bed and ran a hand through his long hair. Then he went down to grab his usual breakfast. An apple

        As Sam was getting ready for school he had read the newspaper...as usual the sports section first…which is something that none would have expected from him. After all he is Sam Everett, The brightest student and Valedictorian hands down at graduation day. Just another day in the sports world, The Texas Rangers losing another straight game while the San Antonio Spurs point guard refuses to play yet again for lack of a more " lucrative contract". Suddenly Sam rolls his eyes. Lucrative contract. Lets see him try to survive in Blueberry Hill in my world. Lets see you try to pay your 10 million dollar child support bill for three children then. As Sam continued to read the sports section before finally walking to the bus stop, as Sam walked to the bus stop he took all the back roads to avoid passing the school bullies house as he did every day ever since he was a freshmen. Finally he made it to the bus stop.

        As soon as Sam walked on the bus there was the typical sign of insults being shot at him and things being thrown at him and mutters of other rumors that somehow got spread around over the summer and none would let Sam sit beside them. Finally Sam had found a bus seat at the back of the bus beside a tall slender dark haired girl he had never seen before. " Is this seat taken?" Sam asked expecting to get the typical response of now it is as the student puts the backpack on the seat. " No. Go right ahead" she replied. " Thank you" Sam said as he sat down.

" Your very welcome. You must be the famed Sam Everett" she said as both of them looked out the bus window watching the clouds roll by

." Fame is a term I do not wish to label it with" replied Sam with a roll of his eyes thinking she was talking about the bullying and being picked on and everything. " Well for someone who has over 90 saves in 90 chances on the ball diamond you sure are humble about that" she said with a smile. " Oh. Your talking about my athletic performances" Sam said as he cracked a smile.  Suddenly she laughed. " What? Whets so funny" Sam asked. " Its your smile. You have a nice inviting smile" she replied as she continued to giggle. " Thank you. by the way I never got your name" Sam said. " Its Natalie" she replied. "Nice to meet you Natalie. Always great to see someone cares" Sam said as he continued to smile. " What do you mean? You should be a Texas school hero" replied Natalie. " Yeah, Just one problem with that though. I'm intellectual" replied Sam. " Oh gosh I know how that goes. The smartest of all are constantly being picked on and the idiots are being phrased" Natalie said as she rolled her eyes.

" And the world of high school makes sense all over again" Sam said with a laugh. Suddenly Natalie giggled a little before finally it was time to go to class.

        As Natalie and Sam walked to the first class together since they had the same first class they continued to talk. " So what part of Texas are you from?" asked Sam. " Oh imp not from Texas. I'm from Nevada,” replied Natalie. " And my pitching is known in Nevada?" asked Sam surprised. " Yeah. Your like a legend out there on the mound" replied Natalie as they finally walked into their first class.... which was English. As they were walking to English class together Sam avoided the heckling and sharp objects and the sny remarks from the fellow students. Finally they made it to their English class together.

        There were plenty of seats in the back row where both decided to sit in the very back. As Sam was getting ready for class suddenly a pretty blonde haired girl sat right in front of him Sam had never seen her before but could have seen himself falling madly in love with her.... whoever she was. Suddenly she had turned around and faced him. When she had first looked into his eyes she smiled. " Excuse me. This is a trifle bit embarrassing but I had come into a classroom and completely forgot to get a pen on this fine morning. Would you by any chance have a spare writing utensil that you could lend me so I could complete my studies" she had asked as she smiled at him brightly. " Sure hold on" Sam said when he could finally find his voice as he pulled out with a pen and handed it to her. " I thank you my new friend,” she said as she continued to smile at him. " Your welcome" Sam said as he had started bringing out the things that he needed for the class before being taken by the hand. When Sam looked there were the young woman’s eyes looking right into his. " Has anyone ever told you that you have a pair of amazing eyes?" she asked as she held his hand. Suddenly Sam began to blush. " awe how cute. I made Sam Everett blush" she said giggling. " Now that’s a trifle bit embarrassing. You seem to know my name but i have never gotten yours" Sam said as he smiled at her. " He has such a cute smile doesn’t he?" Natalie asked as she sat beside Sam. " Oh the cutest. By the way I’m Bridget, I just came from Britain and am a huge fan of high school baseball...in fact your my idol" she said as she continued to hold Sam’s hand before class started.

        During class that day all that Sam could think about was Bridget and his newly found friend Natalie. It was as if Bridget's presence was so invigorating that it took over everything he was and couldn’t concentrate on his schoolwork at all. During class all he wanted to do was to go out and pick flowers for Bridget and chocolate for Bridget and be Natalie’s friend forever while the English teacher continued to ramble on and on and on about heaven knew what. Finally the class was over.

        Just before Sam had a chance to leave the class Bridget stood right in front of him. " You know I have never had a guy walk me to class and I would be honored if you would be the first guy” she said with big pleading eyes. " But if you walk her to class you'll be late to your second period" Natalie said trying to lead him along to his chemistry class." But i need an escort to class" Bridget said still with those big pleading eyes. " Okay to your class it is" Sam said as he had walked with Bridget to her class.

" But what about your class Sam? You don’t want to be late on your first day" Natalie said. " Come on. Its just chemistry, Nothing important" Sam said as he walked Bridget to her class.

        As Sam was walking Bridget to her class suddenly he realized that he saw the largest and most beautiful rose in the world and felt the urge to pick it and give it to Bridget. " Hold on Bridget" Sam said as he took out his pocketknife and decided to give Bridget the rose. " Huh? What are you doing?"  She asked going beside Sam curiously. " Picking the most beautiful rose for the most beautiful young woman in the world" replied Sam as he took out a tack and pinned it to her backpack. " Awe your so romantic" she said giving Sam a hug. " Anything for you my princess" said Sam as Natalie came up behind both of them. " Come on Romeo. We must get Juliet to her class before you become late and your chemistry grade dissolves like matter"  Natalie said. " Hold on a second. I just wanted to give Bridget the most beautiful rose in the world" Sam said as they continued to walk to her class.... which was working as a TA for the special ed class. Finally they made it about three minutes before Sam's chemistry class began. " Oh crap" Sam said as he ran all the way across campus bumping and tripping over feet and people before finally walking into his class a few minutes late. " Well now for what I hope to be the first and last time I ever have to say this Your late Mr. Everett" the teacher had said handing Sam a class syllabus as he sat down in a sea of snickers.

        As class was going on suddenly Sam began to daydream. During his dream he saw himself waking up and seeing the face of Bridget.

" Morning Sweetie" she said as she gave him a hug. " Bridget???? Are we married?" he asked. " Of course we are silly goose. We got married last night" she said as she started rubbing Sam’s surprisingly muscular shoulders before suddenly he was called on to answer a question. So, Sam shot up. " Yes sir" Sam asked as he now had a cold sweat realizing for the first time he had fallen asleep during class.  " Maybe you can answer me a question about molecules" asked the chemistry teacher with a frown. " I'm not sure I can" replied Sam shifting in his seat. This made the entire class explode into laughter as they realized that finally the great Sam Everett.... the soon to be Valedictorian and " brighter mind of the future" as some had called him...finally met his match in a question even he couldn’t answer.  " Well maybe if you spent more time paying attention to my lecture and less time attaching your eyelids you would be able to be sure,” replied the instructor as class continued. Moments later it was time for Sam to go to his third class of the day.

        While Sam was walking to class he had wondered what was going on. All he could think about was Bridget and how much he loved her and cared about her and he wasn’t thinking about school at all even though he wanted to attend UCLA and swore to them that he would get over a 4.0 if they would give him a full ride scholarship and not for playing baseball but just to attend the campus. Finally Sam made it to his third class of the day. Calculus.

        As soon as Sam walked into Calculus he saw Natalie in the back, so he sat beside her.  " Something’s going on with me" he whispered to her. " I know. I can feel it. Its like Bridget has your hopes and dreams and all that you've ever worked so hard for and is replacing all of it with thoughts of her" replied Natalie. " Exactly. Its almost like she’s taking away everything I am and replacing it with what I am not" replied Sam. Suddenly Natalie started laughing madly. " What?" Sam asked. "Your in love Sam. Your in love with her and want to be with her. Just make sure that your not so in love with her that it interferes too much with your studies" said Natalie as class began.

        For the first time Sam paid attention during class and even helped Natalie with a few problems she was having with the instruction. " Man your brilliant" Natalie said with a laugh as he continued to help her understand the assignment. " Yeah. So brilliant I’m still in high school" Sam said rolling his eyes. " Be easy on yourself. Your family doesn’t support you with your studies do they?" asked Natalie. " My parents don’t even care I’m alive. No" replied Sam as he continued to help Natalie. " So legally you can't do anything about it but just attend school at the normal pace" replied Natalie as it was now time for lunch.

        As Sam and Natalie were walking to lunch suddenly Sam felt these arms go behind him. " Surprise Stud muffin" said the familiar voice of Bridgett with a giggle. Suddenly Sam began laughing as well as Bridget jumped on his shoulders. " Oh horse back ride" she said excitedly almost knocking Sam over. " Okay where are we going to?" asked Sam as he strained to hold Bridget, her heavy backpack, and his own heavy backpack all on his back. " To where you and Natalie are having lunch. I want to eat lunch with the two of you and more importantly I want to get to know you" Bridget said with a huge smile on her face as she sat beside Sam while Natalie sat across from them. " That was fun Stud muffin" Bridget said as she held Sam tightly and took out her lunch while Sam and Natalie did the same. While they ate Sam couldn’t take his eyes off of Bridget as she smiled at him. Suddenly for no apparent reason Bridget dabbed a bit of mustard on her finger and put it on Sam’s nose. That made her giggle even more erratically. " What? Whets so funny?" Sam asked with confusion. " You are so cute with mustard on your nose” Bridget said as she calmed down a little. " Oh. Thanks" Sam said blushing even more. Then they continued to eat before finally it was time to go on to the next class of the day... which was computer science for Sam and Natalie. Unfortunately Sam was so focused on Bridget and her beauty that he didn’t eat much of his lunch.

        While Sam and Natalie sat in computer science Sam found it harder and harder to concentrate and his back was really sore where Bridget had jumped on it with her backpack. During class that day all he was thinking about was Bridget and how odd it was that she had fallen head over heels for him and yet she just met him earlier that day.  Or maybe this was all just a scheme for him to fall for her so that his grades would drop and she would ditch him leaving him with nothing and making him lose his well publicized scholarship to UCLA. The student body wouldn’t be that smart to devise a plan to do that. Nearly every student on this campus is borderline retarded and stuck up Sam told himself as finally it was time for him to go to fifth period. US History.

        As Natalie and Sam were walking to history together Natalie had a concerned look on her face. " What?" Sam finally asked. " I’ve noticed that you've been focusing less and less on school and more and more on Bridget which isn’t good. Would if she’s just a scheme to get you to pay attention less in classes and make your grades drop so you cant go to college?" asked Natalie. " She would never do that. Her love for me is as pure as a starry night sky" replied Sam. " Is it really? No offense but do you really think someone like that would fall madly in love with you so badly on the day you met her?" asked Natalie. " Its called love at first sight and yes I do believe it can happen" replied Sam. " There is no love at first sight. That’s lust,” replied Natalie as they had walked into class together.

        As soon as Sam walked into the class he saw Bridget sitting in the back with a big smile on her face. " See she’s always smiling. None is that happy 24/7 naturally,” whispered Natalie to Sam. " I'm sure there are people in the world who are. There are all types of people in this world and one of them is bound to have an all natural happiness" replied Sam.\ " Well okay. Just be careful please. These people are vicious towards you. I know. I've seen it and heard people talking about it during class" replied Natalie as she sat across from Sam while Sam sat behind Natalie. " Hi Sweetie" Bridget said as she held him tight. " Hi. How are you Gorgeous?" Sam asked as he took out his materials for class.

        During class that day Sam found it even harder to pay attention with Bridget sitting right behind him talking to him during the lecture and trying everything she could to cause a distraction to him. Sam gave in almost immediately.  As Sam was distracted there were a lot of notes to be taken but Sam didn’t care. All that Sam cared about was just wanting to be with Bridget before finally it was time for the sixth period class for the students which meant that it was time for Sam to go to weight lifting.

        As soon as Sam walked into the locker room he had a bucket of water fall on him which made all of the baseball players laugh like madmen. " Oh you guys are hilarious" Sam moaned as he looked for a towel. " You make it too easy for us Everett" another player had said as he threw a vile smelling gunk at him no doubt made in chemistry class. Now this made Sam so angry he was about to punch this baseball player in the face, but he tripped and fell over a bench, which made the entire locker room explode in laughter. " Like I said Everett your too easy" the player said laughing as he spit in Sam’s face and had stepped on his left hand so hard with his cleat he heard a bone crack. " AHHHHHHH" Sam screamed in pain before finally there was an instructor. As soon as the instructor appeared everyone acted like nothing happened. " What happened to Everett?" the baseball coach asked. " He tripped over his own feet and fell against a locker Coach,” replied the player who threw the vile chemical at him. " What? I'm not that clumsy" Sam insisted. " I see it no other way Everett. Go hit the shower and call it a day,” said the baseball coach as Sam stood up. So, Sam had done as instructed.

        The rest of the day occurred just as the school day was. Sam was ignored by his family at home and pretty much just spent the rest of his day with Natalie and her family. While there he studied, had dinner, talked for a while more about the general subjects and just hung out with her just before it was time for that day to end. Sam stood the night at Natalie’s since she begged him to and his parents didn’t care much what he did. Finally the first day of his senior was over. The first day of the year that would change the life not only of Sam but also of the entire town of Blueberry Hill, Texas was over just as it began every day in the world of Sam Everett.

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bobarobbob commented on Dying To Humiliate Chapter 2


The story itself is intriguing but the misspellings tend to distract from the story. Also, if you don't mind a minor critique, the Bridget story line is a bit choppy and unbelievable. Other than that i am enjoying it. I say keep working on it. :o)

1990lh commented on Dying To Humiliate Chapter 2


wow great stuff i love it was pull in like the first chap you are an amazing writer i love this story and want to read more for sure pretty please read post he next chap i want to know what gone happen next . this is great book.wonderful write

am2anangel commented on Dying To Humiliate Chapter 2


Again very well written and intriguing. There are a few things I'd like to discuss with you about this chapter. I know you are offering a background. But it doesn't flow very well from the previous chapter. Maybe some reorganizing is called for. There are a few misspellings. also the early dialouge between sam and bridgette could be a bit reworded to sound more like teenagers. I also feel you shold build the relationship a bit more between sam and Natlie to show there strong friendship. Just some thoughts. I'd love to go over the whole book with you sometime. Great job very discriptive and captivating a 10

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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