Dying To Humiliate Chapter 4


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For those who were anxiously awaiting for this chapter Im sorry. Ive been busy and been thourghly considering things and honestly considering leaving the site, but i decided to stay, so here is chapter 4 of my book Dying To Humiliate. Hope y'all enjoy it. WARNING: FOR CHILDREN 17 AND UNDER I ACCEPT 0 AND I MEAN ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS IF YOU CHOSE TO BURN DOWN OR BLOW UP OR CAUSE ANY OTHER TYPE OF DAMAGE TO YOUR SCHOOL SO DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT PINNING IT ON ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fight your own battles you psycho jackasses

Dying To Humiliate Chapter 4

 Chapter 4

        If God had created the perfect weather for the day that Sam Everett shocked Blue Berry Hill Texas and the country for what he did it would be the complete opposite of what it was that day. The sun was shining. The birds were singing. The sky was blue. The morning of the day that Sam plotted to attain his revenge was just like any other bright and shining morning in July...with one problem. This was in the middle of March which Sam found awkward in and of itself as he got up off the floor and went down to the kitchen to have some breakfast for what would have been most likely his last day as a free man he will ever live. Sam knew that he had to eat a good breakfast that morning because tomorrow morning he knew that he would most likely be in some Texas state penitentiary by the end of the day he would most likely be a convicted felon, but Sam knew that he had to do this because he had to take revenge against them. They would all pay for their misdeeds and their mistreatments. They would all die remembering that he was the one who got his revenge. He was the one who had got the better of Blue Berry hill high school and by the end of that day everyone would know that. Finally he was down in the kitchen.

        What was Sam’s surprise is that he saw Natalie making his favorite breakfast. A plate of apple pancakes with eggs and smoked bacon. " Oh my gosh. My favorite breakfast" Sam said as he sat down to eat the breakfast. " I knew that you'd like it" Natalie said as she had placed a glass of orange juice in front of him. Then all was quiet before Natalie had broken the silence. " So I guess your really going to go through with it,” she said with sadness. " I have to Natalie. I have no other choice. All of them have to pay for what they've done to me and all of the times they've made fun of me. They have to pay for all the trouble and pain they've caused me in the last 6 months and even in my lifetime. They must die for their insolence,” said Sam as he continued to eat. " But what about the innocent ones? What about the ones who have never even met you before and if they would have met you they would have loved to befriend you?" asked Natalie. " There is no innocence. Every one of those students had something to do with the mocking and the horrid prank they did to stop me from making it to UCLA and every one of them will die" Sam said as he finished eating. " Before you do this there’s something i want you to see" Natalie insisted. " Nothing will make me change my mind. We already have everything planned out and everything is ready to go. Now all we need is just to take care of all of them,” Sam said. " I'd just hate to see all of this potential go to waste on something as mindless and stupid as murder" Natalie replied as both of them had gotten dressed and prepared for what would be known as the day that rocked the small town of Blue Berry Hill. It was the day that Sam Everett snapped.

        A few hours later Natalie found Sam meditating in the corner of the room. " Meditating that everything goes well?" Natalie asked with a frown. " No. Just meditating and hoping that something stops me from doing it just before I have the chance to commit murder" replied Sam as he continued to meditate. Soon he was using so much of his mind power that he was dripping with sweat. " Sam?? Sam are you okay????" Natalie asked as the veins in Sams neck had strained just to get a breath and Sam continued to drain down Sams face and down his neck. Soon his shirt was entirely soaked with sweat. " I...Don’t...Know" he stammered as he continued to suffer just to continue the simple act of meditating. Suddenly Natalie had seen that Sam was bleeding out of the palms of his hands. " OH MY GOD SAM STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Natalie shouted at the top of her lungs and Sam continued to be in utter pain. Finally Sam had snapped out of it and just relaxed. When he looked at his watch he realized it was an hour before the assembly. " It is time Natalie. Grab the cam corder" Sam said as he stood still damp with sweat but his palms had stopped bleeding as soon as he stopped meditating. Suddenly Natalie had a tear in her eye. " Is there a chance that you will reconsider?" Natalie asked. Suddenly Sam thought for a minute. " Slim to none" replied Sam as he grabbed his hoodie and beanie and left Natalie’s for what could have been the last time.

        Ten minutes later the pair had arrived about halfway through the assembly. Sam had locked all of the doors quietly and every exit and had locked every window the night before. " Please reconsider this Sam. Before today you were an innocent guy that was just hurt. After today you'll be a coldhearted monster if you continue. These bombs are voice activated after all,” Natalie said as she set up the cam corder. " I don’t know Natalie. I demand a public apology from each and every student here for everything they've done or all of them are toast” replied Sam as finally Natalie was ready to start recording. " Well okay. I'm ready to begin recording" Natalie said. Suddenly Sam looked into the cam corder. " Smile Sam" Natalie whispered, so Sam smiled right before he began speaking. " Good afternoon Students and Faculty. A vast majority of you know me as being Sam Everett. After today ALL of you will know me as your Executioner. Inside the gymnasium that each and every one of you are in is enough bombs to blow each and every one of you to the ground in five minutes if each and every one of you do not begin to apologize to me publically" said Sam as he took a pause to let all of it sink in.

        Meanwhile inside of the packed gym with every member of students and faculty the gym was going insane. " Oh my God I cant believe that Everett would come up with a plan this brilliant" said one of the students as every student, member of faculty, and staff was screaming and pusining and pulling to get to the exit with hopes that he might have forgotten to lock the exits and windows.

" Every exit is locked" screamed one of the teachers. Suddenly everyone in the gymnasium began to see what they needed to do. Every one of these individuals needed to do as Sam demanded.

" Maybe we underestimated him all these years" another student had said as the student began to cry. Suddenly the principal of the school had taken a stand on top of the bleachers. " Students. It appears that now is the time to say goodbye. Say goodbye to friends that you have all taken advantage of. Say goodbye to the friends that you failed to even say hello to as you have all walked down the halls each and every morning. Students it appears that now is the time to say goodbye and reflect on your young lives. Were they happy? I sure as heck hope so. Were they good? Thats for God to decide when we make it to judgement but now is the time to reflect on what you have all done with your lives students. Many of you have caused this to happen. Some of you are still wondering what has happened but if this has taught all of us a lesson its this. Be kind to one another no matter what the circumstances are in your lives. Use your energies of friendship more on understanding and afterwords befriending these types of students. Why? Because in this life all of us have special talents and all of us have something that sets us apart from everyone else. Sam Everett's talent for those of you who didnt know him or unfortunately never had the willingness to know him was intelligence. He could have used this talent to make it to college. He could have used this talent to have a successful job and end up with a happy life and family. But no. Because of all of you and your little games that all of you have decided to play on him Sam Everett will now be wasting away his intelligence and what would have been a very bright mind in prison. You all should be ashaimed of yourselves" the principal had lectured as suddenly they realized that there was now just two minutes remaining until the bomb had gone off blowing everything and everyone apart.

        Meanwhile right outside of the gym Sam continued to speak and to record his final thoughts to the ones that have tourmented him all his life. " If you chose not to apologize to me I have several words of advice to all of you just before you die...nuggets of wisdom while on your deathbed if you will call it that or consider it that. All of you have done something to not get along with me and each of you should have learned to get along well with all members and walks of life no matter how popular or unpopular. Another word of advice that i have for all of you is to cherish life and what you have because sooner or later there will come a day when all of it will be taken away from you. One final word of advice that i have for each and every one of you who are about to die in about a minute and a half is to always remember the times each and every one of you had to apologize to me and never did. Remember how all of you have treated me poorly and remember how you could have improved life not only for yourselves but for the world. Are there innocent people that are in that gymnasium???? The answer to that question is a resounding NO. Each and every member of student, faculty, and staff have done something to drive me to take action against each and every one of you and drove me to do this to each and every one of you. And now this is your punishments. Each of you have taken away my chances of going to college and now I am taking away each of your lives in less than fifteen seconds" Sam said looking at his watch as he heard the sirens coming from all directions. Ten seconds and his revenge would be complete.

" Nine....Eight...Seven...SIX" he whispered to himself.

" Five....FOUR....THREE.... TWO........ONE" said Natalie tearfully as finally the building had exploded into a trillion micro fibers.

" BOOOOOOM" whispered Sam as he smiled victoriously. He had done it. He had gotten the last laugh. He had instituted a massacre to be forever remembered as Blue Berry Hill Bombing. Finally all of them will remember him as being their executioner. The one to strike fear in their hearts. He had gotten even. As he was thinking this he didn’t see Natalie run off with the cam corder. As Sam had these thoughts he never heard the police cars parked right in front of him or the officers pointing their pistols at him. It was as if he was in his own little world all the way until one of the officers had shouted " FREEZE!" that is when Sam had started walking towards somewhere. " STAY WHERE YOU ARE SON" the officer said as several other officers had pointed their pistols at him, but Sam continued to walk forward. " DONT WALK ANOTHER STEP OR WE'LL SHOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!" the officer shouted. " Relax officers. I'm just making your jobs easier for you by putting myself against the car and putting my hands behind my back" Sam said calmly.

" Put your hands where we can see them" one of the officers said calmly. " Yes officer. Right away" Sam said turning around and facing the officers surrounding him with pistols. One of the officers had stepped forward cautiously and began to read Sam's Miranda rights to him. " I just have one question though?" asked Sam.

" What’s that son?" the officer who was handcuffing Sam had asked. " Do i get any charges against me for not freezing? Because I will contest that I was merely walking to the squad car" asked Sam as he laughed comfortably before he was hit in the jaw with a baton." Oh you think you’re real cute. We'll see how cute you are behind metal bars for the rest of your life thug" the officer said as Sam had winced in pain. " Was that really necessary?" asked Sam through a dislocated jaw as he was being sat down in the squad car. " Tell us Son. Was this bombing really necessary or do you just believe it was?" asked another officer as Sam was driven out of the parking lot and to Orenthalle State Pententiary...a prison about 3 hours west of Blue Berry Hill High School.

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am2anangel commented on Dying To Humiliate Chapter 4


Another interesting and compelling chapter Dan. I forget however; is this still all part of the before chapters; the meat behind the story? I'll have to take he time to go back and reread everything. But, again; very intriguing. You pull the reader in with your details and images.

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