Dying To Humiliate Chapter 5


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    Dying To Humiliate Chapter 5

    Chapter 5

            As Sam was riding in the back of the car his jaw continued to have blood coming from the corners of his mouth from being hit with the batton and every road that was winding and so bumpy that Sam was getitng thrown around the back of the car and even got slammed against the bars of the car, but he already learned that it was best to just keep his mouth shut at the beginning when they slammed him with the batton. Sam tried to think of where Natalie could have been, but he had no idea where she was. Its alomst like she ditched him without saying a word. Oh well. That was typical of people. One things a constant about people Sam told himself always. When your in trouble noone is ever going to help you out of it. Its a world all for themselves Sam told himself as finally they had arrived at Orenthalle State Pententiary

            Orenthalle State Pententiary looked every bit as eerie as it did when Travis had first drove up to the prison to do one final interview and the story behind the man who was known as " the animal" for 25 years. The prison looked as if it was created from the likes of Dracula’s castle and looked just as dark. The building stood tall and wide and at the very top of the building stood the only actively working electric chair where there was a orange glow from the chairs electricity. Finally the most odd thing about Orentalle State Pententiary was that on all 100 floors there was prison bars and prisoners behind those steel bars." Oh my god please tell me im dreaming this place up" Sam seemed to stammer forgetting how much the escorts didnt want him to say anything. As soon as he had said that the officer who was driving had slammed on the breaks sending Sam hitting his head against the steel bars helplessly. " No talking Everett. Something tells us that you've done enough talking for one day" the officer said as Sam was picked up and carried to the front of the prison.

            At the front desk of the prison stood the man that was there when Travis had done the interview. He looked every bit more menacing even though he was frail and aging even then. He had an air of conceitedness to him that Sam could even see just looking into his eyes and face. As the man looked Sam up and down a few times he had a frown on his face. " Is this the guy who had instituted the bombing at Blueberry Hill High?" asked the booming voice of Jonathan Carrey, the man that Sam would know as his torturer for the next twenty five years. " He is the suspect yes" replied one of the officers who had brought in Sam. Suddenly Jonathan had picked up Sam by the collar and carried him with his feet dangling to a prison cell. " So you think you can get away with murder eh punk? You thought you would be the one who gets the last laugh eh son? Well guess whose laughing now you little bastard" Jonathan said as he threw Sam against the bars of one of the cells. Suddenly the officer had cried. " Why'd you have to go do that? My son was in that school building! My 17 year old son was in there and would have never hurt a fly" the officer said as Sam's holding cell had opened, but Sam was silent as he walked in. " WELL WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DO IT ANSWER ME DAMMIT" shouted the officer at the top of his lungs. " May I speak or are you going to inflict pain and try to intimidate me?" asked Sam through crooked jaw. " You may speak" replied Officer Carrey. Suddenly Sam had opened up his shirt and showed his mid section where there was a deep gash. "Your son was Skip Carrey wasn’t he?" asked Sam. " Yes. Yes he was. Would have NEVER hurt a fly" replied the officer. " This scar right here was caused by Skip because i wouldn’t let him copy off my English final last semester" Sam said buttoning up his shirt again. " NO thats NOT TRUE" the officer said as he continued to watch what else Sam showed him as he lifted up the pants of his jeans where there was a very large gash from the knee down to the ankle.

    " This scar was caused by Skip because his girlfriend was merely talking to me. I have a scar on my back with his initials from when I was in the 2nd grade and turned him into the teacher who gave him a weeks detention when he was beating me up every day after school. This----" Sam was starting to say before suddenly the officer had slammed his baton on the bars. "LIES" shouted the officer. This made Sam jump. Finally Sam saw no use in any of it so he just laid down on his bunk for a bit. As soon as he laid down he heard classical music being played on a nearby violin. He regonized it as Fur Elise from bethoven and it surprised Sam to hear the music. When Sam looked in the next cell over there was an older gentlemen playing the music while sitting on his bunk bed. The man looked, frail, old, and dying even when Sam first saw him and yet he lasted another 10 years before finally dying.  " Thats Fuir Elise from Bethoven" said Sam perking up. Suddenly the man stopped playing and looked up at the next cell at the face of the young inmate. As the man looked into Sam's face he had a look of agony but enlightment in his eyes. " So it looks like the young man has more brains than the media makes him appear" said the man with a weak and small voice. " Haven’t heard a word about it" said Sam. Suddenly his cellmate turned on the tv and all of a sudden Sam saw his face As soon as the tv was turned on he had seen his face and it wasnt the normal light in his eyes that he always had. It was a look of evil they asked him to have in his baseball picture. They made him look like he was completely unprovoked. Like he was the Son of the Devil and he was the Son of the Devil. They made him look like he was nothing but a mass murdering junkhead and criminal. Finally as if just as an afterthought of all that he did that day they had mentioned that he was a successful student right before his senior year in high school when his grades

    " mysteriously" dropped. After the segment the man with the violin had a look of amazement in his eyes. " So much God given talent and so little respect given now. So what happend?" asked the man. " The next person im talking to is an attourney" replied Sam as suddenly the cell door had opened and in walked a guard with shackles. " Everett. You have a visitor" the guard said as Sam had gotten up and began to get ready to walk out of the cell, but the guard held him off with his knightstick. " Shackles for you Animal" said the guard as Sam stood. " Shackles? For what?" asked Sam with concern. " You pose as a threat to socioety so warden requests that you be shackled everywhere you go until you are released" replied the guard as he tightened the shackles around Sams right foot first. As the guard was making them tighter and tighter Sam winced in pain before finally the shackle was so tight that he winced in pain. " Now i guess you know the pain and misery these families had to go through Everett” the guard said with a laugh. " You want to see pain. Why don’t you get my side of the story?" Sam asked as the shackles were finished. Then Sam was ordered to stand, so he stood and walked out slowly with his head down. As Sam walked he realized the shackles got heavier and heavier with every step he took which made it even tougher to walk. through the cells before finally he had made it to the visitation room.

            As soon as Sam walked into the room he saw the tears of Natalie as she looked into his eyes. Suddenly he realized that there had been a reason why Natalie wasn’t there when he was taken into custody. She was sitting there in tears looking at him. When she saw him in shackles she cried even more. “ Why did they shackle you? “She asked as she continued to bawl in tears watching Sam as he couldn’t move his arms nor his legs. “ Im a serious threat to society Natalie. What do you expect?” Sam said as he rolled his eyes. “ How are they treating you here?” Natalie asked. “ Well on my way here the guards slammed on the breaks purposely so that my face hits the bars of the prison. When I was put in my cell I was thrown against the concrete nearly breaking my glasses the guard here seems pretty rough with me just because Skip Currey was his son and he thinks its his duty to see that I’m punished until im released. Im seen as the son of the devil an animal and a threat to society. What can I say? People listen to their side of the story so much that they start to believe that I really was unprovoked” Sam said with anger. “ Exactly what we expected huh?” Natalie asked. “ Pretty much” Sam said as there was a bang on the window. “ Times up Everett” said the guard. “ Oops gotta go back to my cage” Sam said standing up with the shackles. As Sam was walking out he was slammed to the wall again falling to the ground in his shackles. The guard just laughed as Sam got back up slowly and walked away. There was a scar on his forehead and a crack in his glasses but he still made it back to his cell.

              When Sam had walked back into his cell he was forced to still wear the shackles. “ Hey what gives. Why are my shackles still on?” Sam shouted.

    “ Wardens orders. You wouldn’t want to cause any trouble would you?” the guard said with a laugh. Suddenly Sam had moaned as he sat down on his bunk bed. “ Real class acts aren’t they?” asked the man who was playing the violin. “ Yeah real classy. So classy even my skull screams with joy” Sam said as he rolled his eyes. “ Well get used to them. They are harsh and cruel but they are also paid by the state of Texas to be that way towards us” replied the old man as he stuck out a hand between the bars. “ The name is Joseph Murdock better known as ‘ Mad Murdock” said the man. “ Do you mind if I just call you Grandpa?” asked Sam. Suddenly he saw a smile on the old mans face. “ Grandpa? I haven’t seen my grandchildren in 40 years and every day that goes by I dream of all of them coming to visit me carrying a cake for my birthday just like they did the day before I committed a mass murder at work. I would love to be called grandpa” said the man named Joseph. “ Well im not one to judge. I’m now suddenly known as the animal” replied Sam. “ Care to be friends Grandson?” asked Joseph. “ I would love to Grandpa” replied Sam as he stood and allowed the man to take hold of his shoulder which he shook up and down to symbolize a handshake before suddenly Officer Carrey stepped up to him. “ Time to meet your court appointed lawyer” said Officer Carrey dragging Sam off the top of his bunkbed and to the floor with lightning speed. Then he had put Sam in shackles. “ Ugh. I would have gotten off with my own free will. Was that really necessary?” asked Sam as his forehead began bleeding.

    “ That’s not even half of what you have done to Skip and all of the other innocent lives that have been lost today you monster” replied Officer Carrey as he finished shackling Sam’s feet and instructed him to stand. So, Sam stood up hitting his head on the low ceiling door. “ Ouch that hurt” Sam complained. “ Not as much as this does” Officer said slamming the knightstick into the back of Sam’s skull, but Sam said nothing as he walked to where the lawyer was to meet him.   

            As soon as Sam stepped into the room he knew he wasn’t going to have much luck with this lawyer. He was a younger guy, maybe mid twenties at most, tall, athletically built and looked like he would not understand the case of Sam Everett at all from mud. As soon as the lawyer had looked at Sam he knew one thing. The state of Texas was going to have a field day with this kid as soon as they let him out on the streets. “ Mr. Everett I presume” Sam’s attorney had said. “ Yes sir” said Sam as he sat down still chained and shackled. “ My name is Derek Mason. Ive been assigned to be your court appointed lawyer” the man had said looking at Sam’s jaw where there was now a scar from the cheek down. “ What happened to your face?” asked Mr. Mason. “ Courtesy of the good officers of Texas state” Sam said rolling his eyes. “ Yeah. Not a classy bunch especially that guard Carrey” Mr. Mason said as he began laying out some papers. So Sam began looking over the papers. “ This one basically says…” Mr. Mason began summarizing before Sam stopped him. “ I can read just fine Mr. Mason. I know what its saying already. Its saying the District Attorney wants to give me the gas chamber and charge me with manslaughter” said Sam. Suddenly Mr. Mason looked puzzled. “ Well yeah. How did you gander that much already in a matter of seconds though?” asked Mr. Mason. “ Just a hunch. Everyone in this hick town wants me to be crucified and is probably getting all over the cops asses for not shooting me when I was first taken into custody” replied Sam. “ Pretty much. But anyway, they have given us a plea-bargain believe it or not. Heres the scenario they want you to take into consideration. Are you ready?” asked Mr. Mason. “ Shoot” replied Sam. “ Okay here it goes. Basically they want you to apologize on camera and say what you did was wrong and shed a few tears here and there and that you’ll never do it again. If you can do that you have the possibility of avoiding capitol punishment and maybe serving up to 20 years in prison” replied Mr. Mason. “ So they want me to humiliate myself on camera and say I’m sorry and I was wrong for torturing their little bastard children and staff members even though what I did was right” Sam asked. “ Well I wouldn’t go as far as to say that it was

    ‘ Right’” replied the lawyer. “ I would. You just fail to see the situation as I see it,” replied Sam. “ Mr. Everett I doubt any situation calls for mass homicide. You have killed over 400 students today and 250 staff members in that bombing. Most attorney’s wouldn’t even give you a chance and yet here I am trying to help you” Mr. Mason had said looking frustrated. “ Tell me something Mr. Mason when you were going to high school how many times did you make fun of and pull pranks on those who are intellectually gifted?” asked Sam. “ Mr. Everett this is not a case of profiling between who did what in school. This is a case of death. This is a case of murder. This is a case of making you look less like the sperm of the devil” said Mr. Mason. “ I asked a simple question Mr. Mason. How many times did you make fun of and pull pranks on those who were intellectually gifted in high school?” asked Sam. “ALL THE TIME” shouted Mr. Mason in tears. “ Here is your chance to have all of those times that you’ve humiliated and made fun of and played with the minds of those who are intellectually gifted to help one of them. Heres your chance to show them that you are a changed man. All you have to do Mr. Mason is help me avoid a guilty verdict” Sam proclaimed. Suddenly Mr. Mason looked stunned. “ Mr. Everett you honestly think your innocent? Even when all of the evidence points to the fact that you were unprovoked?” asked Mr. Mason. “ I am going to take the insanity plea” replied Sam. “ Insanity. How are you ever going to get the state of Texas to even believe you were remotely insane during the time that you have set off the bombs?” asked Mr. Mason. “ Easy. I just snapped. I realized I wasn’t going to make it to the university of my dreams, the woman of my dreams became the biggest joke that was ever played on me. The students who had always been making fun of me all my life would be having the last laugh if I didn’t do something. I plead innocent by Insanity” replied Sam. Suddenly Mr. Mason looked stunned. “ Okay so we have a plea of innocent based on insanity is that correct Mr. Everett?” asked Mr. Mason. “ Yes that is correct. I plead innocent based on insanity and would be willing to take any kind of psychological tests that the state had designed for me to take” replied Sam. “ Okay now that we have that out of the way is there anything else I can be able to do for you as your attorney Mr. Everett?” asked Mr. Mason. “ Yeah. Is there any way you could get them to release the chains at least from off of me?” asked Sam. “ How tight do they have those things on you?” asked Mr. Mason. Suddenly Sam had lifted up one bloody leg and showed the attorney a scar from the calf down and an open wound on the right leg from the calf down. “ Oh my God you’re going to lose blood circulation in your legs if they keep these things on you” the attorney said shocked. “ I’m already losing feeling in them both” replied Sam as he winced in pain as he had put his legs back down. “Is there a prison doctor that you could see to at least dress your wounds?” asked Mr. Mason. “ They never mentioned one. No” replied Sam as the attorney had stood and helped Sam out of the room. Just before Mr. Mason had walked out of the door with Sam Officer Carrey had stood at the door. “ I see you are finished with your client Mr. Mason” officer Carrey had said. “ Yes I am officer Carrey and I would like to request that Mr. Everett see a prison physician immediately. I minored in medical at Texas Tech and I would know when Mr. Everett is losing blood circulation in the calves. Even Mr. Everett has explained to me as to lacking feeling in the calves. Also I would suggest that you no longer use Mr. Everett as being your own personal ‘ punching bag’ during his duration here on death row” replied Mr. Mason. Suddenly Mr. Carrey had looked to his left. There was nobody. Then he had looked to his right. Still nobody. So he had slammed Mr. Mason against the door. “ Listen here you little piece of crap! They don’t pay me to tell you how to do your job and they sure as hell shouldn’t be paying you to tell me how to do mine.  The people in this city and even in this country all have their opinions and a majority of their opinions read that we should have shot this jackass on SPOT and why? Because he was caught in the act of taking a human life, because he is the spawn of the devil Mr. Mason. Because he was unprovoked when he had committed those murders. Mr. Mason if it were not for the term ‘ innocent until proven guilty’ I think the entire nation would have demanded that Mr. Everett be crucified before he even reached his holding cell. Who is being ‘mistreated’ now?” asked Officer Carrey as he had torn Mr. Mason’s white shirt at the collar. “ Officer Carrey mark my words my client will win this trial based on an insanity defense and when he does I will DEMAND your badge to be revoked or looked over” Mr. Mason said as Officer Carrey had stepped back on him. “ Oh you’d like that wouldn’t you pretty boy? But until then this is MY house young fella. And In my house I treat my ‘ guests’ the way I feel they should be treated. That’s called administering of Justice” Officer Carrey had said as he grabbed Sam by the arm and forced him to walk to his cell with ball and chain dragging the whole time. Finally Sam had made it to his cell. Just before Sam could get into his cell Officer Carrey had slammed the bars on his right hand and got his fingers caught in there. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!” shouted Sam. “ Yeah. Doesn’t feel too good does it Everett? That’s just a portion of what you made my son Skip feel when he died today” Officer Carrey said as he walked away. Finally Sam’s fingers had gotten so small that he had been able to let them release their grip on the bars. When Sam had seen his hand he had noticed his palm was all black and blue. But he still laid down on the bed realizing that there was nothing he could have done with the pain.
            When Sam had woken up again he noticed that the moon had shined on the exercise yard of Orenthalle, where he could have a perfect view of everything. As Sam sat up on his bed he began to ask himself after all of this did he have remorse for what he had done to those students? Suddenly Sam had shaken his head. No. They deserved what was coming to them. They deserved to feel the pain and agony that he had inflicted on them. They deserved to hear the screams and the cries for help he had put into their hearts. They deserved to die and Sam knew it and no manner of pain and agony that he had went through could ever change that. As Sam thought this he had fallen back to sleep and waited until morning

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    Tempestlady commented on Dying To Humiliate Chapter 5


    Very interesting and intrigueing. I wouldn't enter it into the poetry contest though. A good start on a novel, or maybe prose by - a stretch. Still, very good and very very real. Write on....

    Poetry is not an expression of the party line. It's that time of night, lying in bed, thinking what you really think, making the private world public, that's what the poet does.

    Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997) U.S. poet.

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