• Love


    In a dream I was in a castle and

    I saw your face in the mirror,

    As I grew with you the meaning

    Of my life became clearer;


    I only want to be with you and

    Worship the ground you walk on

    And to hear you breathing near

    Me as I awaken in the dawn,

    Your beauty will be with

    Me even when you are gone;


    Flowers wilt, diamonds lose their

    Luster but our love will never die,

    I lie naked beside you, needing

    Only you under the endless sky;


    I drink of the lake in the mist

    And fill you into my soul,

    Melting as I touch your body

    Burning with a never ending coal,

    The storm of my rage softens

    And comes to a peaceful lull;


    Wrapped in flowing white, you

    Are my life, my everything,

    I hear your voice carried on

    The wind that the season brings;

    Your devotion makes me what I am,

    The man I should be,

    Gazing into your eyes, I

    Feel my hidden love set free,

    I can die knowing that your

    Arms are wrapped around me;


    Just touching my hand, you

    Unlock the prison of my frustration,

    The night covers our bodies

    And the heat of our creation;


    I can feel you close to me even

    When I know that you aren’t near,

    Just the thought of you can dispel

    The darkness of my deepest fear,

    You have filled my life with light

    And kissed away my last tear;


    The sun was covered with clouds

    Lighting the Earth with the darkest light,

    Our bond alone warmed

    The world well into the night;


    You are the sea that quenches

    The desert inside my heart,

    The moon and stars couldn’t compare

    With Our shine even when we’re apart,

    The moment you entered my life

    Was the moment my life did start.

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    atrophy42 commented on Endless


    this poem rocks!! i like it lot of feling in this one.

    uziman commented on Endless


    A well thought writeup, appreciative and ready to love back.

    Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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