Eternal Embrace


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    Eternal Embrace

    Oh Dear God please I pray, let not my life slip away.
    Give me one more moment to paint her face;
    To teach my son to throw that ball with grace.
    If I could have just one more chance, to hold on to life, I would savor the dance.
    I would live each moment as it were my last;
    Never having to relinquish what has come to pass.

    I never thought there would come a day that my forever would slip away.
    From golden castles in the sand, shamrock bracelets and fairy land;
    Rings of buttercups and violet knots, shimmering twilight, forget me knots;
    Ice cream Sundays Mountain high...let not these moments pass me by.

    Oh Dear God please I pray, let not my life slip away.
    Let me have that moment to see her in lace, to teach my son to win that race;
    Give me just one more moment to hold on to life, to savor the dance with my wife.
    I would live each moment as it were my last;
    Never having to relinquish what has come to pass.

    I stand in twilight my children grown; shadows of childhood come and gone.
    I desire these moments that have come to pass, I pray to relive them make them last.
    From Ferris wheels, and candy corn, to opening gifts on Christmas morn,
    To words unspoken and moments passed. God grant me forever make it last.

    Oh dear God where be I now?
    What be this moment that you allow?
    I see my chair she is sitting there.
    She wears my sweater the sunlight upon her hair.

    I see my image framed in lace, shimmering tears of crystal upon her face.
    There is my son he won the race. I see my daughters dressed in lace.
    She wears rings of buttercups and violet knots.
    She has surrounded my image with forget me knots.

    Oh dear Lord, let this moment not pass me by.
    Let me not have to say goodbye.
    Let me savor this moment in my daughter’s grace.
    Forever hold me in this moment in her loving embrace.

    Copyright 2009

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    stellar commented on Eternal Embrace


    Very witty poem...while reading this it makes me feel like crying...that's what poem is evoke powerful emotions..

    blindmaster commented on Eternal Embrace


    I like how you use three different paragraphs to compose this one. That was genius! It is something that I savour myself! I have a 13 year old son

    vampm commented on Eternal Embrace


    it's very beautiful. It brought tears to me and made me think of my grandfather whom I was very close to. Thank you.

    Clementinewoods commented on Eternal Embrace


    This is a beautiful poem!!! I really did enjoy reading this magnificent piece of work!!!. Thanks for sharing. I would like to invite you to read, comment, and rate some of my poems. God Bless!!!



    so glad you enjoyed it I will gladly read your poems..

    Hiawatha32 commented on Eternal Embrace


    Very uplifting - thanks. I enjoyed reading your poem. I wondered what was the story behind the poem that made it more meaningful? Hiawatha32



    Thanks so much for your support..the story behind this poem is all about my personal relationship with my own father his absence in my young life, our 9 year estangement, our reconcilation, my forgiveness, how much I love him and his recent passing. I wrot the poem trying to embrace both his and my perspective involving out relationship and the events that took place within it..

    If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

    Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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