Sometimes these wounds are hard to hide, it’s hard to keep them all inside

I try my best not to let them show, while wishing for a way to let them go

A different pain has caused each one, suppose they’ll stay ‘till life is done

And I am sure that there will be more, it seems for me that is what’s in store

Through the flesh right to the soul, leaving a void, a dark black hole

Consuming all tissue that tries to live, leaving nothing for me to give

Though I struggle as I may, it’s still so hard to find a way

To keep these wounds from my mind, they consume my thoughts all of the time

I try to solve I try to reason, I try to find a place that’s pleasing

Where I can gently lay down my head and these pains won’t cause such dread

They come to the surface without showing, all the while they continue growing

Lying just beneath my skin, looking for a chance to wound me again

Even the best in life can cause pain, when there’s nothing to lose and the world to gain

When everything’s so sunny it’s hard to see, how difficult every situation can be

You think this is great, it’ll make it all better, funny what all can derive from a letter

It’s a different pain but a pain none the less, then you search to see what is best

There’s pain from being and being without, then your mind is clouded with doubt

It’s hard to hide the wounds away, it’s hard to keep going day after day

When another pain has been created, it’s hard to hide it from the one that made it

The wounds pierce my body and surge deep inside, never to leave, eating me alive

If I let it all out, it could mean doom, so no one will ever see any exit wounds



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mistynites26 commented on EXIT WOUNDS


I've been there too beat, bashed and broken through...you capture it all so beautifully......

sk8ergirl commented on EXIT WOUNDS


wow that was a great poem very strong it would be better if you make the font a little bigger it doesn't effect the poem tho

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