Five Card Wink


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    Five Card Wink

    The cards were all laid face down on the table,

    Five each to Joe, Bill, Ted, Betsy and Mabel;

    Ted was so drunk that he was barely alive

    And the pot held their antes, a total of twenty-five (cents);

    They picked up their cards and held them in front of their noses

    And pretended they knew everything, like Jesus or Moses;

    Bill, to the left of the dealer, laid down his ten-cent bet,

    Then he gave Betsy a wink, although they had just met;

    Next came Ted who was drunk as a louse,

    He saw the bet, then almost threw in his house;

    Betsy was a little nervous after Bill gave her a wink,

    She just threw in her dime then took a quick drink;

    Joe was the coolest of everyone sitting down,

    He calmly threw in ten cents without a smile or a frown;

    Mabel, being the dealer, was the last to take a chance,

    She just threw in her dime, as if she were in a trance;

    They threw their bad cards in a pile

    And told Mabel how many they wanted,

    And they sat there while she passed out

    New cards, completely undaunted;

    Bill immediately picked up his cards and let out a sigh,

    If you just walked in the room, you’d of thought he was high;

    Ted didn’t look at his cards,

    He just belched in the air

    And with an inquisitive look,

    Scratched his scalp through his hair;

    Betsy was still wary after getting that look from Bill

    So she just played with her cards, taking some time to kill;

    Joe just let his cards lay Face down in front of his arms

    But no one was impressed with his Calm, cool and collected charms;

    Mabel the dealer dealt three cards of her own

    And holding them in front of her, she let out a low moan;

    Bill, feeling confident, put two whole dollars on the pot

    Then gave Betsy a smile, feeling very sexy and hot;

    Although Teds hand sucked, he saw Bills bet,

    Having everything to lose, hoping for something to get;

    Betsy looked at her cards then raised the bet a whole dollar

    And daring a look at Bill, she loosened her collar;

    Joe, out of money and without looking, threw in his ring,

    Hoping for an ace, he lifted his cards and saw he was dealt a king;

    Mabel laid her cards in front of her, ensuring her fold

    Then looked at her dwindling money, wishing she could be more bold;

    Although Ted was drunk, he was smart enough to bow out

    As he took a sober look at Joe, who was beginning to pout;

    Bill saw Betsy’s raise and gave her a gleaming smile,

    His attitude was full of confidence, arrogance and guile;

    Betsy happily laid down her hand, A royal flush of hearts

    Then Bills face fell off his head, As if he’d been stabbed with a hundred darts;

    Joe cried even harder and Ted just took another drink,

    And Mabel laughed out loud when Betsy returned Bills wink.

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    vondamm commented on Five Card Wink


    diffently different i wonder what betsy reallt thinks

    When power leads man towards arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations. When power narrows the area of man's concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses.

    John F. Kennedy (1917-1963) Thirty-fifth President of the USA

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