For the Love of a Woman


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    For the Love of a Woman

    My poor heart was broken,

    She left me without a token,

    I grabbed my chicken and started chokin’

    And didn’t come up with much;

    Getting sick from a health food diet,

    A man at my door wants me to try it,

    I close my door after I deny it

    Feeling just a little out of touch;


    Walk with your shadow before you,

    Your contrived chauvinism shows through,

    I’m just looking for habits that are new

    And feeling a little bit mean;

    Loosen up as your boot heels start clicken’,

    Slow down as your pace quickens,

    Stand up before you take a lickin’

    And remember that life is a nude scene;


    Too old to steal, too young to retire,

    Life goes on as the death count gets higher,

    Too much sex can make you tire

    But you’re guaranteed to smile a lot;

    Your patience puts me to the test,

    Pull over a cop and make a citizens arrest,

    I invite a woman over to my nest

    And turn the temperature extremely hot;


    Bob the meteorologist

    Looks out the windows

    To tell us all which

    Way the wind blows;

    Every night I’m in front

    Of the mirror groomin’

    And doing it all for

    The love of a woman;


    Veterans are living homeless on the street,

    We pay cops to eat donuts on their beat,

    I hate women with smelly feet

    And yuppie cowboys who think they’re cool;

    Cleopatra was a spoiled brat

    Who made Julius Caesar a lucky cat,

    His buddy Brutus was a low down rat

    But Mark Antony was to be the next fool;


    I wonder about love and what it’s for,

    Why so many women have shown me the door,

    Cupid must be rotten to the core

    And I’m tired of assholes having all the luck;

    My best friends girl was my lover once,

    She grew tired of my smart-ass stunts,

    One step up from the class room dunce,

    I hide my head and it gets stuck;


    Children fight our wars and build our cities

    Then grow up to sing silly ditties,

    I want to eat you my little pretties,

    Some women always have their legs spread;

    Jehovah nitwits are dumb as bricks,

    Latter day saints have teeny dicks,

    Most religion is for the hicks

    And let’s face it, Jesus is just dead;


    People are in dumpsters

    Looking for food,

    Spoiled yuppies think

    Honesty is rude;

    The next generation

    Is sadly alive

    And I’m in deep shit

    With my sexual drive;


    I may be a wise man and no one cares,

    Evil Kneival won many dares,

    Grizzly Adams really loved bears

    And I’m really afraid of spiders;

    It’s amazing what life is about,

    It’ll make one person laugh and another pout,

    I once knew a man who was short and stout

    But his belly kept getting wider;


    I’m the king of sobriety, so they say,

    Some people even think I’m gay,

    It’s been awhile since I’ve rolled in the hay

    But I’ll be your lover for awhile;

    Let’s find a place where can run

    Where the virgin skies are filled with sun,

    Then I’ll shoot the president with a gun

    And go down in history in style;


    John the divine smoked cheap pot

    Then wrote revelations without a guilty thought,

    He sat on the beach to let his mind rot

    And asked god to tell him why;

    God answered with a stuttering tongue

    And sent a golden calf full of dung

    Then lowered Jacobs ladder without a rung

    And became a recluse in the sky;


    The world is full

    Of so much greed

    While too many good

    People are in need;

    I’m looking in

    Places subterranean

    For the love of

    Any woman . . .

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    dragonsnap commented on For the Love of a Woman


    Sorry dude... The truth is this sucks.This is not art in words ,More a guy that rambles on in print Hate to bust your bubble, read the real thing and you will see it for what this it



    who are you to speak, you dont even have a poem listed on your sight. sometimes, us poets start writing and the words just keep flowing out.. Even in my writings, it seems I ramble on but God gives us the words or maybe the creatures that dig inside our veins causing us pain telling us to let the words bleed out through our veins... everyday is a new line or word etched in hurt for what its worth, no one cares to share because truth remains we are victims inside the devils game....



    That's too bad you don't like it. It was written more as a joke after standing in line at the grocery store and reading all the magazine covers. Maybe try reading it again with that in mind.



    No, I like this poem. I think its funny! I was just commenting on what dragonsnap above me wrote. He dont even have any poems on his sight so who is he to judge. that's what i was commenting on, his dumb reply..



    Yes, I thought I was responding to him. Sorry about that. And thank you for defending me. He has a right to his opinion but he should probably have a few poems of his own before he judges.

    Mareann commented on For the Love of a Woman


    Just simply great... i loved it... right on, mareann

    dancinghawk commented on For the Love of a Woman


    can't say i agree with *all* your summations, but, generally, LOL, your juxtapositions are at once hilarious and thoughtful ... "Grizzly Adams really loved bears / And I’m really afraid of spiders;" being a fine example ... enjoyed this beginning to end ... too many interesting observations in this to appreciate fully in a short comment, but, overall, a 10 from me ...

    In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

    Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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