Forever Youth


Forever Youth

It was a dance one early April night. I was having a blast while my daye looked like she wanted nothing more than to go back home and out of my sight. The old saying that our dates are as " beautiful as ever" remains for her of course untrue. Im sure of course looking back on those memories you are are thinking she'd say the same about you. Neither of us had fun and we were too different from each other. Looking at those pictures now made me realize she wanted nothing to do with that night nad i would have enjoyed it more with another. Suddenly after another awkward dance did my eye appear a good friend of mine with a camera and a smile of happiness and good chear. SHe wanted a picture of me with my hair colored yellow there was indeed no doubt. How that picture looked with two friends in forever yourh I would never find out. Because it was with her camera i never got a copy of our beautiful forever youth. I will never look into those eyes of mine so naieve and lacking of the worlds truths. Lacking of the cruelty that life shows to the world. Unknown is the wickedness in the hearts of man as i would take a decade longer to unfurl. Forever srmiling with a friend is how I'd like to stay. In the shape of my life but those das have gone awa. Forever frozen with long bleached hair. Now wiht a receading hair line i go through it searching for blonde tints but where. Forever attractive in a tox and bow tie. Now that is just a memory father time had tossed out to the sky. Forever adventurous athletic and free. But now when i look in the mirror i see a man whose grown up too fast and feels too old and yet that is me. Would i recgonize myself in the arms of that beautiful friend in my forever youth? To be honest i would assume someone stole it and thats the whole truth.

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Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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