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    I saw a Mormon coming up my walk with

    An open bible and begging for more,

    I jumped up and ran around my house

    Locking all the windows and screens;


    I walked down the street looking for a

    Woman who would give me love and sex,

    I looked around every corner and all

    I could find was a tyrannosaurus . . .


    I had a nightmare and the

    Main character was you,

    I woke up and looked at my clock

    And it was half past three;


    I drove down to Bellevue

    And beat up some yuppies,

    I bought myself a fish tank

    And filled it with angel fish;


    I took a shower and

    Washed myself with soap,

    I climbed up a tree with

    A very long ladder;


    I went to a party and

    Played Truth or Dare,

    There I met a girl

    With long, dark legs;


    I awoke on a Saturday

    That was very sunny,

    That night I went and saw a

    Comedian who was very hilarious;


    I asked a woman to come home

    With me and she said she might,

    Things turned out well and I

    Had a very nice evening;


    The weather started growing cold

    So I had to put on a coat,

    I walked down to the docks

    And bought a ticket on a ship;


    Some bum needed some

    Money so I gave him a loan,

    Then he offered me a joint

    And we started to get baked;


    I sold him my ticket with

    Some money that he had,

    Then I drove uptown

    To visit my father;


    We sat and talked

    As it began to rain,

    Walking home I tripped and fell

    And it caused me some hurt;


    I finally arrived home and

    Started to write in my book,

    My stomach started to growl so

    I brought out some food to fry;


    I thought of all the people who

    Thought everyone else needed to die,

    I dreamed myself as a bird who

    Didn’t even know how to soar;


    I remembered a woman who

    Thought she didn’t need me,

    I walked into the bathroom

    Because I needed to urinate;


    I then grew tired of this

    World and went to bed,

    I slipped under the covers and

    Laid down my weary cranium.

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    jenifer commented on Frustrations


    that's life sometimes,always changing never fading away



    Yes, this was actually inspired by an old Don Knotts, Tim Conway film "Private Eyes".

    shenjara commented on Frustrations


    It was...hmm...I don't quite know what my reaction to this was, really. Confusion, I suppose. I did, however, like what you did with the erm..."rhyme," once I realized the pattern. I find it rather a good way!



    Thank you. It's inspired by an old Don Knotts, Tim Conway movie called "Private Eyes". I thought I'd make a whole poem out of it.

    ItsHeartBeat commented on Frustrations


    Ah! I see what you did just there Heh, very interesting, I liked this one.



    Yeah, what inspired me was and old Don Knotts/Tim Conway movie called "Private Eyes" as the killer kept leaving notes that should've rhymed but didn't.

    blackfootlady commented on Frustrations


    very different and it show potentail...Keep on writing.Churv

    markrohaley commented on Frustrations


    very cool-you passed each rhyme just in the nick of the clock :)

    Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

    Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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