Fully Armed.


Fully Armed.

I have my words, tangled and solid and fearless. The words of grandeur and destruction and birth. The tongue being father and the pen being strength. My fist has placed wooden words upon pedestals for students or listeners and raised the breeze words to the sky so that the people will freeze. My words have butchered voices of skill and complex. I’ve taken men to knees and poured their tears to my cup to drink like juices in spring. Lime and tang touches reason in my mouth and amongst teeth. I am steady like a wolf. My prestigious pounce onto social order, I am quiet and ready. Inside this geographical wonderland is a box, so far and small between feathers and sand. This is my box, my home. I’m preserving a child of innocence and sin. Inside this chest, a child, this kid is wicked and displaced away from touch. Nor does it grin with tender skin. But with my words I can give life to the skip and trudge ways and good witches to come bless and breathe kisses into the muscles of this baby with no soul.  A delicious tickle. I have my words. I will save us all.  

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SeanQuigley commented on Fully Armed.


i must say this is very righteous! I most certainly dig it

MalikPeterson commented on Fully Armed.


I am sorry I haven't gotten around to reading you until now. I am glad that now is here because the time that you take describe things and pay such close attention to your word choices...makes for a very fresh and innovative perspective and I truly enjoy your work. Thank you for writing this and sharing it with us all... I definitely wont be stealing your work lol or any others for that matter but...you know what I mean. :) May the kudos be with you. Cheers!!!

CatsMeow commented on Fully Armed.


A good poem but it would be easier to read if you would consider re-organizing it before posting it on the page. Hint; just try a line by line pattern to give a better visual and read of your poem.

devaamido commented on Fully Armed.


Your words splash vividly colored pictures across the mind that shock like cold water thrown from a galvanized bucket. The result is powerful but ephemeral. If you could learn to organize such images into a directional order, how much more powerful would they be? Excellent work!

Deviousthought commented on Fully Armed.


Very empowering use of words, I love it. The imagery used is very invoking to the soul. :D

Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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