Gratitude Brings Latitude


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While sitting in an ICU waiting room anticipating my beloved brother’s death, these were words and thoughts I scribbled on a pad. Ignorant of poetry’s rules, feeling deeply sad, I scribbled, scribbled many of eulogies on dozens of pads. My brother was a victim of a drunk driver’s recklessness; the accident left him a quadriplegic for 19 ½ years; the last 2 ½ were spent in the ICU on life-support.

Gratitude Brings Latitude





With an attitude of heartfelt gratitude,

Celestial Angel farewell, no goodbyes!

Beautiful days we dance upon the earth;

Grand Elevation, now with wings you fly…


You're out of sight, but not of mind

kneeling at your resting place, I opine;

That's NOT you in a coffin lined!

Physical remains of a temple enshrined


Tis the heart that fuels spirits aligned;

truth be known to all mankind…

Goodness - it's Love, the glue that binds;

that's what keeps us forever entwined


We come we go "God's Will" assigned

Mortal life's too short; blink fly-blind

Focus efforts for the betterment of humankind

Is to build oneself an eternal shrine


Reflecting upon my beloved unconfined

Are you now at rest upon cloud nine?

Leaving the chaos and temporal turmoil behind;

perhaps what was earthly unclear now defined?


A Heaven on Earth an Earth on Heaven twined

To live in Peace, rest in Peace, by design

Unite all kindred spirits if you're so inclined

Share Love for one becomes affined


Dearly departed please send me a sign

Your absence too heavy as the nocturnal unwinds

Star gazing for halos from the great divine

Softly God Whispers, ‘your beloved is consigned’


Those words of comfort heeded in kind;

Fluttering angels’ wings echoes combined;

With an attitude of heartfelt gratitude;

Hello from your Celestial Angel!


“LOVE Transcends all space and time...

Gratitude brings latitude; someday too you’ll have wings to fly”.


I Thank You For This Life









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TinaD commented on Gratitude Brings Latitude


This poem is a beautiful tribute to your brother. Sad but accepting too.



TinaD - thanks precious! Sometimes all we can do is accept and make peace with the hurt and find the beauty within the pain. Peace Love and Light Dear.



Awe TinaD - thank you so much dear, your comment is especially appreciated, he would have celebrated another birthday this week had he not been killed...I miss him dearly. I must find comfort in knowing he is with the Lord. Thanks sweetheart...Peace Love and Light.

knight4696 commented on Gratitude Brings Latitude


Kanicki ... this is a very sad write .. I am so sorry for the loss of your brother. But, this poem is filled with much love and acceptance as well .. I truly felt this piece. Awesome work! Ken



Ken - A big heartfelt TY! You're so sweet to read my humble penned tribute to my brother. I miss him dearly especially around the holidays, having him here made everyday a holiday! Skip loved the holidays; he use to call upon one of his friends to take him to the mall in his wheelchair to buy his friend's kids and his senior neighbors gifts for the holidays. He would call me when he returned home and ask me to wrap the gifts and deliver them to those he felt wouldn't receive much because of their limited incomes and lack of family members; he did a lot with little himself...and that's the spirit of Christmas that was in his heart everyday of the year. You understand what I mean, I read you and you resonate with the same beauty in your spirit...A big Hug to you! Peace, Love and Light.

StandingBear commented on Gratitude Brings Latitude


Kanicki, truly the most beautiful, loving words a sibling could ever express for another sibling. Sheer pain/beauty cries from every pen stroke you've painted uniquely within this great work. SBear



Ah Ty Sbear, what a teddy you are my dear. My brother was a wonderful gift to my life; he brought me lots of love, laughter and taught me much about courage...I miss him. thanks again...peace, light and love.

Chaos128 commented on Gratitude Brings Latitude


There’s never adequate explanation or consolation, I think, for the victim of so devastating and undeserved a tragedy, or for those close to them. But, in the wake of such a loss, I think those who remain do great honor to a loved one’s memory by composing a tribute like this. You went all out, K, and it shows.



Chaos your comment is heartfelt; beautiful and much appreciated. You certainly have a way with words; they're so comforting and inspiring like your poetry. Peace, Light and Love my friend.

Springsize commented on Gratitude Brings Latitude


I think you are brave to have faced the long, leaving process with your brother as he endured the limitations of limb use... I've helped both my parents to leave, and nothing affects me harder than the dying.. of which Can take weeks or even months... it was so wrong of the drunk driver, wrong for all the family members affected by the accident... but your poem is a testiment to your brother's time here,... and together, with your commentary, should be read to every single high school assembly before graduation...



Springsize with heartfelt thanks for your beautiful and enlightening comment. God Bless you for helping both of your parents; you were a blessing in the beginning and end; many parents are not that fortunate to have such a dedicated child. I took a photo of my brother while in the ICU; I did because I often thought about showing it to graduation classes and too those who attend classes after drunk driving convinction...I hestitate to show the photo as not to violate my brother's privacy, and it doesn't look like him, he was a handsome man and was a beautiful person...the photo is worth and speaks more than a 1000 words. The driver we have forgiven, after injuring my brother and taking his life, mamed another person in the same way five years after my brother...he didn't learn the lesson not to drink and drive!! Too demonstrated he had no remorse...he's an alcoholic an insidious disease...destroying families and taking so many lives. He needs prayers. Peace, Light and Love

Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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