Haiku is Heavenly


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    • It is a new year and I can't wait to read all my friends new poetry.

    Haiku is Heavenly

     Morning lights a dew-mist world
    spider threads sparkle
    midst spiny nettles and grass

    Cold beaches await the sun
    to warm the water
    South Haven perfect Eden

    Tree filled branches of blossoms
    pink tinge the orchards
    until they change to apples

    Black squirrels nesting in trees
    await the walnuts
    stored for another winter

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    nhorlandi commented on Haiku is Heavenly


    You have the perfect measure of a Haiku format 7-5-7. However, you have it the another way around. The official measure is 5-7-5.and the last verse should be in cutting word, such as wo-wo or oh-oh. Anyway, that's your own version, you own way of interpretation. Thanks again, Sally.



    Thank you for read. I call this backwards Haiku. It is called Western Haiku, syllables are not important unless you make them important. Thank you for reading

    Madelynn commented on Haiku is Heavenly


    i just heard about Black squirrels for the first time the other day!-apparently the pine tree in my new yard(house were restoring) has a whole family of them. How special to read this!- The vibe is so 'on'. I love the visuals, and the message- always another day of splendor- heard with open eyes..lol,well, I am reading it, after all! hugz,maddi



    Thank you for reading this. I love to write Haiku. We have no brown squirrels in SH

    ginga commented on Haiku is Heavenly


    Sal yes, yes, yes, heavenly indeed. I loved all 4 of them. ginga

    dahlusion commented on Haiku is Heavenly


    Such beautifully, colorful Haiku in all of its purest form. Bravo!!



    You are thanked and bless you. Sally

    jademelissa74 commented on Haiku is Heavenly


    Ms. Sally....Did you pick Texas for your inspiration??? hahahah! This is simply amazing, uplifting and beautiful....Thank you Sally! Love ya~



    You uplift me xxxoooo

    Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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