I’m experiencing his presence he’s thick in this place,
His power surrounds me I grasp him in hast
I encounter his vengeance, he attacks from within
He defeats me with guilt and my own shame and sin
I am prepared for this struggle, I forged out a plan
I’m depending on my wisdom and substance of man
Posed to defend me postured to strike
Dodging these insults and this ill advice
My armament protects me I’m ready to go
The adversary gave up, he’s too afraid to show
I am humbling, my attitude and willing to plead
Trusting my God completely awaiting him to take lead
I have won all my battles, and it’s time to grow
Now I must be sent somewhere I do not know
The obstacles set before me arranged to teach me
How to interpret life, beyond what I see
Resources all around me created by time
And the instrument that we will use has never been designed
We are starting to rely on instincts all formed in our minds
Just want to execute one at a time
Preceded by circumstances all made to help me
Accomplish my mission when God uses the
Distribute these blessing as God has seen fit
And follow his directions to waste none of it

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BoSweets commented on hisPresence


Deep... very, very good write keep it coming Peace BoSweets



I dont know where you came from but you have been a blessing to me, thank you

BrittKun commented on hisPresence


This poem is exilent. How can many people discribe Gods Plains. It is a mystery that we try to seek and find by being closer to him. Great Poem you could defently write a book.

Realistic commented on hisPresence


You read up on the gifts of the spirit my friend, you will be surprised at what God has in store for you, and what you have already been blesses with. Seek and you WILL find, ask for understanding, and "his blessings come in abundance". God bless you!

KAYEKAYE commented on hisPresence


This poem is full of a lot strength. You did a good job. Keep up the good work.



thank you



thank you

VenusianWoman commented on hisPresence


HE will always lead us to where we are to be,if we trust ourself to know HE will never abandon us.



that is definately what he has been teaching me thank you for your comments

Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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