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Before anyone makes a comment on this poem PLEASE dont judge me or think i am bad. I am not a bad man i swear y'all


I met her while chatting just two years ago
She seemed so wonderful and i wanted the whole world to know
She said she was divorced. SHe said she had a child.
She said it was because her husband had abused her and thats the reason the divorce had been filed
She said she would take care of me and cook and to clean
She said she fell so in love with me even though the reason remained unseen
She said she was amazing she claimed she was the best
She never would have put her gf loyalty ever to the test
Suddenly 3 days after we had met a very strange thing had happened
She had sex with another man that she only met that night even though she didnt know where he was from on the mappen
It broke my heart to find out what she had done
Suddenly our date plans were over and hurt i had become
I have never had anyone admit to cheating on me
What her motives were for hurting me so would not be set free.
A few days later she had hit me with a clear bomb
She told me that she was still married and was a wife and a mom
I didnt know she was going through a rough marriage. I had no idea how to feel
I began to wonder what of this person was truly real
I told her to leave her husband because he didnt care she was talking to me
Deep inside my heart was imprisoned to be put in the pit of fire never to be set free
I hated myself for falling so madly in love
I wanted very deeply to return to the heavens above
Weeks had gone by since  i heard from her again
When i came back she was clearly agitated and there was no way that i could win
I was in the chatroom that i met her in
Suddenly without notice she had called me out and its stung ever since then
She screamed at me saying i ruined her marriage to her man
She said i wanted her to leave her husband so that i could marry her if i can
I never wanted to marry her. I just wanted to be in love
I just wanted to feel like i was floating on the stars above
The worst thing in the world she could have called me and that was no stecker
Because there is nothing in the world that is ever going to be worse than being called a HomeWrecker

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LadyLuck commented on HomeWrecker


There is nothing i have to say to this poem other than this "Do not feel bad for falling for some one who was leading you on and telling you everything you anted to hear because their life was going trough a shit hole path.... and for them to blame you for their indiscretions and faults is them being in denial. you are a wonderful person and you deserve the truth and not the rainbow covered hell that she presented to you." i hath said my peace

LoneAngel commented on HomeWrecker


If I were a guy, I would hesitate to commit to a woman who already has a child. I would try to look for person who has a clean slate and zero dating history. Tis a shame that some women are dishonest and unfaithful, but not all of us are like that. I've met my husband online and we had both never dated anyone before and our relationship, though long distance for 2 years prior to meeting was excruciating hard on both of us, but hope and faith has sustained us to we were able to meet again. And, I don't give my heart to just anyone, but when I do it's forever. :)

HopeOhlarik commented on HomeWrecker


omg dan this is such a sad poem. i hate it when people do that. its horrible. but you didnt ruin anything, she did. it is her fault, not yours. good write, and i appologize from the depths of my heart for how she treated you. trust me when i say, not all of us are like that!

rougepriest commented on HomeWrecker


yeah bummer dude but it happens a lot, these online romances are stacked against ya. nicely written story though cool that you trust enough to share it, good luck in here lol

chucky1982 commented on HomeWrecker


oh dan i loved it. this shows your heart and thats my favorite part. i loved your expression with words. bravo

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