I Hate Everybody


  • Anger

    I Hate Everybody

    I’m driving down this long road, carrying the

    Same load, people are passing in their cars,

    Their bodies near, their minds are far;


    I’m dreaming of a baseball bat and shoving

    It sideways up a yuppies crack, you turn to

    See a demented hack, you try to see where

    My mind is at but remember that curiosity killed

    The cat but satisfaction brought her back;


    I see a man who looks so frail,

    I see another who looks like a whale,

    I drink from an unholy grail,

    She’s looking in the mail for a

    Desperately horny male,

    Well sex sells and I’m for sale

    So let me tell you my tall tale

    Before I use my dick to pound in a nail;


    Sleeping in the hay loft,

    The farmer gets pissed off and throws

    Me to the ground that’s not soft;

    No mercy, no god,

    Finding truth in greedy fraud,

    Laying on the wet sod,

    Eating freshly caught raw cod

    And beating up a lost mod

    Who slid down a greasy rod;


    I cover up and think I’m warm,

    Caught up in my own charm,

    The bell sounds but I don’t hear the alarm,

    I open myself up to harm

    Running away from the funny farm;


    Get declined, get laid,

    Go to work and don’t get paid,

    I forgot the words my father said

    And I lost the wings I thought I made;


    Look above, look behind,

    I can’t see the warning signs,

    Walking drunk on a crooked line,

    Looking at a watch that can’t wind,

    I once remember a dog that whined,

    I went out with a woman and we dined and wined,

    Going crazy in my mind,

    Washington politics cater to wealthy pricks,

    Turning the corner and hitting some bricks,

    I see people with wounds that they lick

    Before throwing up and getting sick,

    Don’t be a fool, try to act cool,

    The government is full of hicks

    Carrying around fake dicks;


    Running mad around the bend,

    I see a woman and flowers I send,

    She tells me that she just wants to be friends,

    I have wounds that will never mend,

    So I run further raging mad,

    Peoples luck that is bad makes me glad,

    Death and disorder seem to be the fad,

    I thought I rose above this

    World so sad but again, I was had;


    We sit here together in our rage,

    Trapped inside hatreds cage,

    We grow older but do not age

    Like fine wine that

    Tastes like sunshine,

    I dream of war I want to wage

    But I’m no sage,

    I’m just a dork, hungry for pork,

    I’ve been pushed out, left to pout,

    Hating sauerkraut;


    Where is love that is real?

    Something, someone to feel, anything real,

    I’m ready and willing to make a deal

    But my heart might never heal;

    I look around with growing anger,

    Everyone seems to be a stranger,

    The whole world is in danger,

    I look at you,

    Damned if you don’t, damned if you do,

    They say the savior was born in a manger,

    Then he died on a cross like hanger,

    This world started and

    Will end with a big gangbanger;


    Grab a gun and fight for peas

    But don’t shoot me if you please,

    I’ve already been brought to my knees

    And left to drown under the high seas;


    She flips the cross around her back

    And earns her money in the sack,

    We all hold a demon carved on

    The palms of our hands,

    They tell us to wreak havoc on

    Our square inch of land;


    I’m drinking cyanide because I

    Have no place left to hide,

    Death is given to us at birth,

    We’re supposed to use it to

    Prove our worth;


    My baby left me to rot in my arrogance,

    She broke my heart before I could put up a defense,

    I’m left alone in a confused trance,

    I have many ants in my cheap pants,

    Spiders crawl across my sleeping chest,

    Killing spiders in the toilet is best,

    I hate spiders I have confessed;


    So many people are forced to bleed

    When all they want is to be freed,

    I can’t find a woman who will accept my seed,

    New bohemians wear cool beads

    And smoke the very best weed;


    A rope swing almost ended my life,

    I lost a very good pocketknife,

    People say that I’m satanic,

    My lucky number is six,

    Men become religious to

    Compensate For small dicks,

    Yours truly and religion

    Is a very bad mix,

    A dog puts his head

    Between his legs and licks;


    Don’t forgive me father because

    I know exactly what I do,

    I see pain everywhere so I have

    Trouble believing in you,

    Men hurt women and you let it go,

    For what reason I do not know,

    There is no answer in the wind that blows;


    I’m not a liar, my ass is on fire,

    As it grows late, my rhymes tire;

    Look at what I see and understand how angry I am,

    Finish reading and tell me if you give a damn,

    Take your gods,

    Holy or material and throw them away,

    Stop and listen to the words that I say,

    If all I know is true then we might soon pay,

    We might be in the middle

    Of enjoying our last day;


    Shoot them with a gun,

    Some think initiation is fun,

    I can’t see any sun,

    I’m just another pawn,

    My common sense is gone,

    My brains are in the john,

    I think I smell like camel dung,

    All of this nonsense is done.

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    Worthless commented on I Hate Everybody


    I hate everybody too including myself.... I know its hard to beleive in God, but he is real! You have to remember the devil is powerful too and just because all this injustice in our eyes is not being taken care of, the Lord really does have punishment whether we see it or not... Trust me, I have been well i am in hell and its hard for me to say this because I doubt sometimes myself too... but being here in hell on earth is far better then being thrown in a pit of fire burning alive for all eternity and no one their to save you.. its a game they play, well the Devil anyways. as soon as God saves the devil seems to lure in a dozen slaves for the pain he hath made...



    If you say so. This was actually written after a bad day in traffic and it's mostly sarcastic. Maybe try a new reply with that knowledge but try to make it less pious.

    sharenhansen commented on I Hate Everybody


    i think you are a good poet i stopped reading at the bad words



    Thank you for the compliment. I'm sorry if any offended you. Whatever the subject was, that's how I felt I needed to express myself at the time. Most of them were written several years ago. Any favorites?



    Hi dylandean, I am not on here very much. I am tired a lot and now am helping my husband deliver books he just made. He has a phone book. I aso go to school.

    cmlestrade commented on I Hate Everybody


    First, you have mastered rhyme and rhythm. the emotions in this piece seem to run hot and cold yet in this piece they fit very well. I must admit i am puzzled by this but as I said on your other piece sometimes wnjoying the words without analysis is enough.

    mamasan commented on I Hate Everybody


    This sure is a long list of hates and its best to burn them in the fire and see about changing your perspective because it may be that rage inside of you that is making you lose perspective. My gosh young man change the channel to a brighter tomorrow instead of all the media shit you seem to be steeped in. I am positive you can be a friend to yourself. Get rid of the rage man.

    stever commented on I Hate Everybody


    this is the kinda stuff i really like ..good to get the hate out..a little long ,but great work

    Poetry is what is lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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