I still await for you here


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    I still await for you here

    I think of you with every passing day, with many words to say, if this were you here now
     Possible reading these words now

     What could I say, to make you feel this way

     My eyes have shed rivers of tears, I have felt doom, and darkness touch my very soul. Til the day you come near me. I fear It will always be this way

    I have cried and screamed, living in torment

    My soul carries a burdened load, a terrible knowledge that I only know. If only hear me. If I could just speak these lonely words of despair

    I would say

    I am lost in this wide open world, I never knew that you would go. never knowing the this pain could be

    For one moment, I truly felt a happiness, I finally knew what I was meant for

    No words could have been enough, my heart still beats for you now and will til my last breath

    When you left, I was placed into the darkest cave, the light seems to elude me now.. Forever waiting for you..Wanting one last touch

     Did you know? I am still here walking in a gaze.
    This is like a mist that never seems to lift.
    I feel as if my sight has been snatched to this very day

    Did you know that you left a shattered spirit?
    I wonder in a gloomy daze. That nothing can faze
     For when I looked into your eyes, I saw that you felt the same,
    Maybe this love scared you away, maybe our fate was to meet in another life.

    When my mind forgets the pain, My dreams remind me, to see that I never forget you. Nor the pain
    I lay at night wishing to hear your voice
      Wondering if your life is going the same way

    With you

    I finally felt at rest

    I said to you before and I say to this day

    I was born to be loved by you

    No matter where I am, I still feel this each day

    No matter how many years pass

    No matter what things may come

    My heart will forever be in search of you

    Until the time or place that we are together again

    Maybe in my next lifetime, My fate will come to be
    You may have been a glimpse of heaven
    Maybe a reward that is still to come

    Never will I let my love for you fade

      For you I was made

      And for you I shall always await...

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    SILKYTWEED commented on I still await for you here


    Good Write...made me sad though....which ummm is the point...Write On!! (smile)



    Thanks, I did improve it a bit. Still working on it here and there. Let me know what you think thanks

    Topaz2011 commented on I still await for you here


    Well expressed, bu t the format needs a little work. Other than that, a really good write.



    Thanks, I have worked on it a bit, I always mess up with poems nowadays it seems. I have so many feelings and I do not have the words to express then any longer. Feel like im loosing my touch

    Poetry is not an expression of the party line. It's that time of night, lying in bed, thinking what you really think, making the private world public, that's what the poet does.

    Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997) U.S. poet.

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