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My very wonderful Grandmother passed away.


memories of early days
more precious now than gold
always I will treasure these
the secret things I hold

like clouds of pastel butterflies
on a gentle summer breeze
I recall with wonderment
the days of you and me

through a shimmering gossamer veil
the sunset pink and red
while stars and lights lit the night
you kissed my sleepy head

So much of you lives on in me
I wish you would have known
that the beauty that sustains me
is all the love you've shown

I remember everything
in tones of sunshine streams
haunting in their poignancy
these memories like dreams

so many magical moments
like flowers in my heart
planted by your careworn hands
still thrive though we must part

we part for only moments
though I know they'll fill my years
but whenever I remember you
I feel you dry my tears

there is no way to thank you
for loving endlessly
but I will strive to honor you
by sharing your legacy

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dragonsnap commented on Legacy


you wrote this poem with every inch of thought... each word perfect and in line with the other. Every thought you wrote in perfect rhyme and spelled a never dieing love so tender. what a great write this is.--- I loved it



thank you - I am honored by your comments. :) Be well

spbsdude commented on Legacy


A beautiful tribute that flows nicely. I love the way your poems have such a lyrical quality. I can almost hear the music that should go with this, but in fact it has a musical quality all its own. Plus it is so vividly painted with an artistic use of words and descriptions that stir the soul and gladden the heart as I can only think of those I have known who left their legacy for me.

devaamido commented on Legacy


This is such a tender loving piece that evokes nostalgic memories of my own....specifically my grandmother........d



Thanks D! Grama's are the best :)

carynontherhine commented on Legacy


Dear tenderpoison, this is absolutely beautiful. Though my Grama was of a colder nature and I did not experience this kind of love with her, I can so relate to your write when I think of my own Mother. Me and you through the years. yep, that was us. I wish you knew that the beauty that sustains me is all the love youve shown. How utterly awesome. I so enjoyed your write and hugz to you.



Thank you very much - I tried to make it something people could relate to.

HarverTomsson commented on Legacy


This poem crates a delicious ache that only meories of love soothes. Harv



Thanks Harv - That's exactly what I was trying to convey. I was able to be with her at the end - and I felt like she turned back to blow a kiss at the last moment. That was my Grama.

Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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