Love Haiku


  • Love Haiku

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    My second attempt at Haiku. Please be gentle.

    Love Haiku

    Locked in frail petals 
    Your smile ignites its blooming
    My heart, a flower
    -M. Jacobs

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    kmooney commented on Love Haiku


    Another great Haiku. You are good at these. I have several myself. They're harder than they look, wouldn't you agree? Great job...K



    They do take a little more figuring. Not exactly writing down everything that gushes out. I have found the process of elimination helpful. TY for noticing mine and I will surely get over to your page to read more.

    ginga commented on Love Haiku


    jake, A haiku to put a springtime smile on anyone's face. ginga



    I certainly hope it did so for you and many other readers. Thanks for your input, as always, great to hear from you. ;-)

    alreedus commented on Love Haiku


    Again. Kudos. These are great --- and addicting, no? - :-) Alan



    Yes, I am addicted to them. How did you know? I love writing them... they are difficult and sweet all at the same time. Thanks for your support.

    kage commented on Love Haiku


    this is great also makes me want to write more haiku i have some but wont post them yet ... i like 5/4/5 this is even shorter



    I have never tried the 5/4/5, sounds really hard, but I want to. You may have started something..TY

    knight4696 commented on Love Haiku


    Marion - To be honest, I've never been a big fan of Haiku. But the more I read - the more I like ... You capture so much in this with so few words. Very Nice! :) Ken



    Yes, thanks. I think this one is an improvement for me. I just started trying this style. Never realizing how difficult it really is to perfect it. TY

    Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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