Makin the Grade


Makin the Grade

Makin the Grade


Attending to me

Written by Michelle Reynolds Golda


Inspired by Nicholas Patrick Golda


You say don’t flip me off or give me attitude.

Yet your ears are deaf to me.

You call me friggen rude.

It’s been a pain in my ass;

Puttin up with your trash,

Yeh!  That be my answer to your question.

Sorry, but you the one who friggen asked.


It’s never been about me,

Where I wanna be,

What I wanna do,

How I wanna live,

It’s all about you.


I know I got what it takes,

No matter what you say.

For now I’ll put up with your crap.

I’ll play it your way.

Give me that friggen F,

I’ll take that crap ass D.

Why give a shit?

No matter what I do,

You’ll always fail me.


 It’s never been about me!

Where I wanna be,

What I wanna do,

How I wanna live,

You always find a way;

To make it all bout you.


Hell, ain’t it plain to see?

Your way don’t work for me!

No Child Left Behind,

That be a load of crap!

Well with that off my chest,

Take your friggen standards

And shove them up your ass.




It’s never been about me!

Where I wanna be,

What I wanna do,

How I wanna live,

You always find a way;

To make it all about you.


You never had my permission,

To drug me into submission,

Yeh, you bet your sorry ass,

I refuse to conform.

I will stand alone,

Against your lousy crap,

Against the freakin norm,

I be my own man

What you say bout that?


Because it’s all about me!

Where I wanna be!

What I wanna do!

How I wanna live!

Get it!

It ain’t about you!


Have you learned the lesson yet?

When I don’t make the grade?

I don’t hear your idle threats.

I know I’ve got it made.

I know what I know,

And will do what I do.

For now I’ll play your stupid game.

I play the stupid shit,

I have no freakin clue.   


Truth is you don’t know me.

Ya haven’t got a clue.

Where I wanna be

What I wanna do

Cause your not into knowing me,

You are so into you!


I know what I know.

I do what I do.

You’re ignorant to the truth.

Ya have no freakin clue.

Yeh, I be like Eminem, Fifty Cent and Johnny Depp,

Let me see you walk their walk,

You couldn’t keep their step.

Look beneath the surface

That’s what you need to do

Hell, I forgot,

Can’t see beyond you!!!!!


You’re afraid to know me,

Where I wanna be,

No interest in who I am,

Or what I want to be.

You be the stupid shit,

In a total state of confusion,

I be the real teacher.

You live a damn illusion.

What must I teach?

For you to finally see,

My life is mine to live,

I be the Master of my own Destiny. 





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famous commented on Makin the Grade


WOW this so so true in so many ways. Both form the teacher and student prospective. Sounds like teenage rebellion and teachers frustration in teaching somesone who doesn't care and doesn't want to succeed. I know the feeling with my own teenage son. At times this is his attitude and my frustration. you wrote it in "there" words and that isn't always easy. Way to go and keep writing. I really enjoy your poems. Will you be publishing them?



Thanks so much for the support...I hope some day to be published but as of now have no idea where to begin

Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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