Michaela's gone...


Michaela's gone...

My heart is breaking,
My arms are aching,
My eyes are red and still not dry,
For all I can do now is cry,
My baby girl is gone,
And now I'm left all alone,
I mean my friends are here for me,
But I just want to hold my baby,
I want to hear her laugh and cry,
I want to she her eyes sparkle,
Her cheeks red from laughter,
I want to see it now not after,
Not after I die and go to wherever it is we go,
I want to hold her now alive and breathing and let her know,
Her momma lovers her,
Now and forever,
But she's gone, taken from me,
She's dancing in the light waiting for me,
And I want nothing more than to join her there,
Wherever there is,
But I can't too much to do,
Who would look after mark, and hope, and jacob, and ash, and blue too?
My heart is breaking in two,
Because my little girl is cold and blue,
Buried in the ground,
Not laughing, or being alive, or around,
When Michaela died a part of me died with her,
A part of me I can never get back,
Now or after,
I want to bury myself in the black,
The pain never goes away,
The tears never stop,
The emptiness is here to stay,
My head's about to pop,
My heart is breaking,
My arms are aching,
To hold my special little girl,
Who is now gone from this world.

I love you Michaela Aaron Hope Young and I always will. R.I.P. babygirl.

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Morris commented on Michaela's gone...


Oh My G we lost a granddaughter from SIDS 7 months ago she was 71/2 yrs the pain may get better but it will never leave. Bless u and know you are not alone God is with u and her at the same time .

scooter5 commented on Michaela's gone...


i cannot empathize, i have not had children and don't understand the joy of such a thing. I wish I could say sorry, but all I can do is pray.

HopeOhlarik commented on Michaela's gone...


*hugs tight and doesn't let go* I'm sooo sorry luv. It isn't fair to her or us that she was taken away. We'll miss her forever, and I'll make sure we always remember her. She's still here luv, because she's forever in our hearts. =) I know it doesn't help much now, but it will in time. *huggles again*

Ninjaboy commented on Michaela's gone...


:'( i am truely sorry for your loss.... it hurts me as well..... things will get better though.. it always does, i promise

Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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