Modern-Day Vietnam


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    Modern-Day Vietnam

    In the words of Marvin Gaye, “…what’s going on…”
    So many people are robbing, stealing, and killing
    Trying to obtain their own-
    He also said, “…war is not the answer, only love can conquer hate…”
    Not aggression

    Too often,
    We become caught-up in the fallacy(myth)
    That in order to create peace
    War is what we must send,
    But in the words of Rigoberta Menchu,
    “…change will not always come through war…”
    and to return evil for evil does nothing but intensify
    the existence of evil within.

    The weapons for this fight should not be guns,
    And missiles being launched into the air,
    But the weapons for this fight should be men, women, and children
    On their knees in prayer

    This fight began with a search based on accusations
    For weapons of mass destruction
    But so far, after so many brutal and horrific devastations
    We have discovered only plans for mass constructions

    Wasting the taxpayer’s dollar to rebuild another country’s economy
    While ignoring the cancerous tumors of poverty
    That are plaguing our own society

    Not attempting to appear to be selfish, I must implore,
    But as the old adage goes, “…one must first sweep around ones own front door…”
    Or as the Good Book, states, “…charity starts at home, and then it is spread…”
    And anyone or anything that is contrary to this order
    Is improper and misled

    Again, so many lives have been devastated as a result of the accusations
    And the one who stood accused,
    we’ve witnessed his deliberation and his extermination
    yet still, there exits no evidence to support the accusations

    we’ve gone from “Searching for Saddam”
    to “A War on Terror”
    again, I must implore
    that this was our first major error

    How can one fight what one cannot see
    For terror is not of the physical,
    But of the mental
    It evolves within the mind-creating in an individual a terrorist personality

    And nothing can be given or done
    to completely replace the generous lives of those who were slain-
    Families and friends were left behind to cope with the stresses and pains
    One would think that our Government would become sympathetic
    And realize the toll that this war has taken on this nation-
    It seems they haven’t, which leaves one to ponder
    Was the goal of our President truly to assist a down-trodden society
    Or was it all for personal gain and fame-
    To create his major mark in history

    Please understand that what started as unsupported accusations
    With a man named Saddam,
    Could easily result in complete, world-wide devastation-
    World War III, in other words, Modern Day Vietnam.

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    FranzJ commented on Modern-Day Vietnam


    I agree with everything you said - especially lets take care of ourselves, then help the world - all ture and scary

    JLorian commented on Modern-Day Vietnam


    As Ghandi said, "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." I don't think war ever results in peace...only to a lull between wars that is often mistaken for peace. Sad. And I agree that charity must begin at home...yet here we are with empty houses and homeless families standing on the side of the road with signs reading, "will work for food". Anyone willing to text 10 bucks for them?

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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