Mother/ Devil/ Who Knows????


Mother/ Devil/ Who Knows????

I asked my mom for love

   I asked for her to care

    She gazed upon me and laughed

   You have no mother here

  Her drugs and her men are all the ones she loves

   Money is all she loves

   Who cares about her kids

   I grew within sadness and pain

  So did the little ones after me,

   She walked away again today

  She left me with these tears, that i hold inside

    She ignored my cries

 She chose to see a different truth

  Not the one,I went through in my life

  Still, I yet cry at night

  With the nightmares of the past

   Hoping for better days
      I stand up at last

   Yet after all, she is wicked, rotten inside and out

 I ask why

   She says its a lie

   I plead for understanding

  She laughs, and says get over it at last

    I am no longer responsible, I Say!!!!!

  She looks at me with frozen eyes

   We all wonder what evil is

   I've seen it face to face

   To sad to say

    She gave me away

   My own mother its true

  Is the devil, its no lie
      I ask myself, how can this be?

   I refused to see who hid inside those eyes

   I just caught the cold glare, struck upon me as a lightning flash, A cold splash

Now I know, she sparks the flames of hell

  Oh God save me

  From the devil

  The one who made me

    Who can I turn to now?

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StandingBear commented on Mother/ Devil/ Who Knows????


A very well written piece depicting an unacknowledged tragedy from your mom. Hang in there Aysha, there is a balance on a path you can walk. .. StandingBear

Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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