Ride on, through the mist covering the dawn,

The pounding rhythm of your flight can never

Match the beat of your hearts dream;

The mountains shadow covers the land yet

Your destination lies beyond, let fate

Lead you on as the dust settles behind you

And the season changes inside of you;


Embrace the life that you fight,

The strength fills your soul,

The world pounds fury into your brain

Yet the pleasure far exceeds the pain;


Left behind, lost on a time line,

Another free and wandering spirit

Swallowed by history’s indifference,

I will not resign myself to quiet desperation,

A sun rises somewhere,

I know not where but

Somehow I will be there;


The road leads to the distant sky,

Empty save for my temptation,

Am I the only one who needs the truth?

And who are you to speak to me of love?

I don’t need it, without it I have

Nothing left to lose,

Freedom is paid for with isolation;


A flame rises from the ashes of passion,

She rides on the illusion of my dreams

But the suffering isn’t as intriguing

As it seems;


Breathe deep the sweet pollution

Of those that failed before . . .

Oh, sweet, relentless destiny,

Don’t hide my eyes as you cover me,

I have no faith in hope or love

But somehow you shine so bright,

You tempt me so, I look ahead

To fate already forgotten,

There are no lies left for me to give,

I’ve failed my past yet I’ve

Risen stronger with the sun;


My arms are outstretched,

The sun shines down and

Embraces me with its light,

The wind is pounding upon my back,

Out of my history, it fills my lungs,

There is only the horizon . . .

Ride on . . .

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Logino commented on Mustang


This poem, like many, calls for literal and warm thank you 's for the poet's temporal and exertion. I must accept the many emotions in this poem, I play out a lot of time trying to understand what is the poet's intuitive feeling. The poem jumps from one emotional state to another without any duration of flowing or rythematic overture.

Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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