My kind of love


  • Love

    My kind of love

    I have something special to give to you because of loving me

    I have no choice in the way I feel because my love is free

    Look out across your list of people whom you have come to know

    And I bet you cant remember what you even loved them for

    I bet you cant remember everybody and their names

    And if I asked for details tell me what your memory brings

    With me it’s something different because it’s you that I adore

    Not just the way you walk and talk but how you give me more

    When I ask you what it is you feel as you wander into space

    The way that you express yourself and you look into my face

    The way you trust me with the secrets that have broke your heart

    And that little special stuffed animal that you love a lot

    You could lose it all and get unstable and lean on me to care

    Without a beat I’ll move my feet and rush to be right there

    If you murdered someone and was locked away for 100 years

    Lionel would still be there listening to what become your fears

    The conflicts we have are just misunderstandings they help us build trust

    We were not created to continually bend without making a fuss

    The things about you I don’t know are lessons to be learned

    And the time that we spend together are moments that we earned

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    heartbreaker69 commented on My kind of love


    that was an AMAZING poem it was Beautiful :) I really liked it a lot.. it had a lot of meaning to it... Whoever you wrote that for is very lucky!

    suezqt7 commented on My kind of love


    I really like your attitude and approach to living a better life than you were dealt. It is evident that you have spent much time reflecting on life's injustices and are determined to make the ones you love feel valued and appreciated. Instead of giving in and repeating the cycle you are rising like the Phoenix! I respect that in a person.

    Nikki36 commented on My kind of love


    Love is what it is beauty beyond measures so true to life.



    thank you

    Singing commented on My kind of love


    what is love? maybe only after you experience the true love will you know. Thank you for writing such a real and good love poems for us!

    Rhymer commented on My kind of love


    Extremely nice poem, your talent shows through as does your sincerity. Best of luck to you and your young lady.

    Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

    Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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