Nature's Office


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    Nature's Office

    Bearing witness to the beautiful savagery

    Foamy spray flung at my face

    Fingers of the raging ocean reaching

    Desperately clawing, probing, tearing, gouging,

    Heedless of the destruction left in its wake

    Pushing inexorably forward

    Vast, immense, powerful

    Erasing man’s progress

    Brutally reminding us of our comparative insignificance

    Commanding respect

    The sheer ferocity enough to bring me to my knees

    I have only the briefest of moments to wonder

    If I will survive to behold the misleading calm that will inevitably follow

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    stellar commented on Nature's Office


    This poem,,,shows the intelligence of the maker...great write,..thanks for the share..I love how you word it, eloquent,,,^_^ v

    captaininsight commented on Nature's Office


    Just Superb! I am reminded of times when I chalanged the Sea. I am humbled by both it and your excelent portrait . I was tumbled by the tumultuos pentameter. It was consistant as is each wave , each line in charecter crashed upon my brain bringing me to my respect. I have crossed storms and lived , lost ships and men, I know the salt in your vaines. A 10 with out a doubt.

    cousinsoren commented on Nature's Office


    "Fingers of the raging ocean reaching Desperately clawing ,probing tearing......" This poem possesses suggestions of nature's immense power through the composition of appoptaite metaphors. The lines quoted here, the sea is pictured as a wild man. Every verse, narrative in structure, sustains the theme of a storm very well, The conclusion is subtly executed, A storm usually subsides with an inquiet calm which ensues for some time.., My rating for the cinematographic and metaphorical imagery of this poem is !0.



    Thank you so much for your kind words! You have understood exactly what I was striving for with this work. I would love to hear what you think of some of my others, especially my most recently posted untitled work! :)

    HarverTomsson commented on Nature's Office


    Very graphically engaging. Mabe you can clarify in what sense you used "ambivilent?" If you've personified the sea, and vesedt it with emotions, you've only portayed one half of its ambivalence, or have I missed something? Maybe another word choice would be a better fit. "Heedless?" Help me on this one. I really liked the flow and energy, just got distracted over a word.



    I think 'heedless' is definitely a better choice. Thanks for your insight!

    bloomingsun commented on Nature's Office


    this carries the feeling of the power of the sea. I love the ocean, but it's unpredictablility is frightening. well done...

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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