Our Love


  • Love

    Our Love

    I have chased you within these winds of time
      Distances beyond reach, even within regions of the mind
     You are the love that, I can call mine, for all time

    I have searched the dark skies and shiny seas
    Went through blizzards of emptiness,
    Just to bring you to me
    Through storms of gloom
    Never will I be hopeless, This I proclaim

    Your love leaves me a spell
    Twist my visions,
      Makes my mind see what is unreal

      Just to hold you next to me
    Brings the color back to me
    If only they could see
       They would let our love roam free
     Your love holds me breathlessly
    I only gaze at you endlessly
     I only see you, where ever I go, what ever I see
      You remain with me

      The world freezes in time
    Just with the sound of your voice
       Angels sing and rejoice

    I am blessed with true love
    That is so rare, but more precious than any gem
    Any diamond I would spare
    Just to share my life with you
     No matter how far we part
      You are the only keeper of this heart
    Even as time may lead us to a different path
      We may part, this may not last

    We are meant to be as one, Life or death can only make us strong
    Our love will go beyond the grave
    We shall be even as we are born again
    Our love is an unbreakable force
    We have searched the world and stars
    With knowledge, that the other part of our souls
      in shambles, longing to complete our destiny

    Our love is not of this world
     It is , even beyond these words

    You hold the keys to my very soul
    When we met, I felt this love
      I felt we were one
    Maybe even before we were born

      I saw my soul within your eyes
    You took me, showed me,that I am now alive
      With the love you hold deep inside


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    Poetry is what is lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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