Over The Rainbow


  • Childhood

    Over The Rainbow

    We remember these dreams we have as children of someday flying high
    We recall these dreams that we would one day rule the world and touch the skies
    I had many dreams that i hoped to one day come true
    Had so little cares in the world and there was just a me in my thoughts no you
    We dream of a place that is truly over the rainbows high
    A place that extends to the heavens and through the sky
    A place we can scream to the heavens above
    A place that we can find peace, eternal happiness and love
    What kills journey to arrive over the rainbow you may ask
    As we get older our dreams begin replaced by reality and what we believe was reality becomes in the past
    Its always wonderful to dream of this place over the rainbow a place where miracles can happen
    A place that we can always refer to if we would like to know where is passion
    Over the rainbow is where passion lies
    Over the rainbow extends past the skies
    Over the rainbow helps us to dream
    Over the rainbow makes tears from our eyes stream
    Over the rainbow helps us to believe in a fragile innocence again
    Over the rainbow helps us to remember what it took for our dreams to win
    Over the rainbow is where all of our dreams remain and lie
    Over the rainbow is where our fragile innocence remains to lie
    This poem is written to the fragile innocence of our childhood
    Hopefully it can help you remember when lfie was beautiful and good

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    ginga commented on Over The Rainbow


    Dan Such words about the journey over the rainbow are ones of reassurance and hope. The poignant message was uplifting to read. ty for the smile! ginga

    Kdaddy commented on Over The Rainbow


    I enjoyed this poem, it took me back. Thank you for sharing.

    Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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