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I need someone to read and rate and comment my poems please and thank you

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My name is Aerial. I am fun and outgoing and funny!! I am very talkative. I love hanging with my friends and I love to have fun!!! If you ask me questions I will prolly be as honest as possible and I don't have a Cell so don't ask for my number. :) I have Amazing friends and I love my life. If you wanna talk I am more than willing to talk! :)♥


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hey aerial!!! im not tlkin to anyone till tomorrow and if anyone trys to get me to tlk i will not tlk for a month becuz im tired of the drama and everything else in my life i punched the wall last night becuz i got mad...and i do have anger problemms if u did not know so just to warn u i am not in a good mood so just be aware k i dont mean to be mean or anythin but i am just sayin!!!




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nobody likes you but doesn't mean that you can expect sympathy! ur not ugly but ur not gorgeous you'd be around the range of pretty okay i'm tired of seeing ur comments and they say you think ur uly and stupid go ahead make that true if you callll ur self that i will... i'm fuken awesome beeeyitch ur not a bitch ur nce

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hey, if someone thinks that your ugly and stupid. they're not only jerks and jealous. they're as blind as a newborn hamster. sister its not what they say that counts, its what you think about yourself. pesonally, i dont see how anyone wouldn't want you as their gf, but thats just me. love ya, joseph



stop sayen love ya creeper! stopmessaging ppl thatr 12 years old

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y wont u talk today???? u look so depressed!!! what a matter???

Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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Title Comments
Sometimes it's too late. 0
Love gone 0
Reasons 1
Why must you hurt? 0
Whatever Tomorrow Brings 0
You are My hero(: 1
Bored 1
Gentle Giant 1
Your Life 1
Cheesecake :-) (smileyface) 2
Can't you see?!?!? 1
My love my life 3
Not the one. 1
Here comes goodbye 3
Random 4
Random 1
Birdies 4
Taco's 1
Don't leave me!!!!!! 1
Him 1
Life 1
What is love? 1
Guy Stealer 1
Too Far Away 1
Heart Breaker 1
Wander this world alone. 3
Can't be tamed 0
Bored 0
Clear Blue Skies 0
As hard as it might be 0
Together forever, forever and always 1
Happiness 0
Agony 0
Happiness 0
help 0
My age 0
Help me 0
Buddy 0
love at first site 2