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  • Age: 24
  • Location: Cary, Te
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  • Country: US
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As of April 2014, I'm still alive and writing. My poetry can be found at and I promise it's at least a little better than what I've posted here considering I've had a couple years to improve.


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You still on here?

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Still getting on here?

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I miss talking to you:(



and I you, what's up?

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You ok sweetie? I'm sensing something's wrong.



I wouldn't be okay if one stapled their tongue to my clit and stood on a cement mixer, but I'm alive and recovering.

Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

brokenhearted11’s Poems (88)

Title Comments
Title Comments
title coming soon... or not I HAVE NO TITLE sorry oh wait nobody's reading this 1
Rachel's Sonnet 1
Daddy's Liquor (The Trigger Poem) 2
Now 1
Emma the Flautist 1
Ana Thoughts 0
Peristalsis 0
Late At Night... 0
The Calm Before the Storm 3
The _____, the Whole _____, and Nothing But the _____ 0
Estival Grins 2
On The Way 0
Sympathetic 0
Just Remember 1
Track Star 1
OW! 2
Pinball Screams 2
Something About Fragility 2
Slamming Doors and Sleepless Nights 4
This Side of Heartbreak 1
Black Lace Ribbon 2
I Need a Can of Paint 3
14 Stories Up 2
Last Summer 3
Sardonic Words 4
Cold Tile 4
Blackberry Fingers 4
Trick of the Lights... 4
Dancing Mind 5
January Air 8
Sunday Morning 4
Chase Me 8
Almost Suicide 4
Falling Flat 3
Float 7
Collapse 4
Too Old to be Young, Too Young to be Old 3
The Blare of the Band 1
A Dream that Passed 1
Hope to Hope 2
Knife 1
Be Okay 1
2 Missed Texts 2
Wasn't Dreaming 1
Screw Normal 1
Lacking Mind 1
Too Much to Bear Alone 1
Happy... Again. 1
The Back of Your Mind 1
Let the Water Take Me 5
Do You Ever... 3
Your Kiss 3
Love 5
Put It Down Child 9
Causing Me Harm 5
I Miss You 7
To Be a Kid 7
I Must 12
Makai 10
You Try 2
She 5
My Own Person 2
Fear + Anger = Power 3
"A Cycle" OR "Cut" 3
Meow 1
Goodbye 2
He is Fire 2
A Whisper in the Night 2
I Try 2
Clichés and Stereotypes 6
Not Him 1
Truth 2
Time 1
Gone 0
Pretending 1
All the Help You can Get 1
I Loved You 2
Burdens 1
Fear 2
I Know Not 1
Never Ever 1
Understanding 1
Art 1
The Ocean is Part of the Healing 1
My Heart 1
I Know That Heart 2
"His Fault" 2