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is sorry real busy lately alot going get back to ya when I can

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I am a 31 year old mother of three beautiful children. I have a wonderful husband who inspirires me. I love to write I have not wrote in awhile tho it seems mind is always racing on other issues. I work too much I think lol. Anyway I do love to write and fish be any where outside is always a plus nature is awesome.


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thanx for checking me out...i love you r raw emotion and candor, it's quite refreshing

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I stumbled upon your poetry and just wanted to say I enjoyed what I have seen. Hopefully you can find the time to pen more works soon and post them. Would love to see then and now of your work. That is the best part about taking "breaks" from writing.

Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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Title Comments
The Wall 9
Fury Within 3
Don't Close Your Eyes 12
Lies 7
Contemplating 4
A Celebration 3
Family Love 4
We Are Three 3
Change 3
I'm Here 5
Mending 4
Inspiration 3