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I serve the Lord God. He moved INTO me in 1978. He did because I wanted Him. I met because I wanted and needed Him more than any ONE or any thing. I always, since birth, believed in Him and that He died for me? I write a lot, Just lost my website through lack a funds. I can also write poetry, I guess according to my version of poetry?. I want to share something that religion cant...the real gospel-truth? God will come to you and move inside of you. Most religious people (quote unquote 'Christians')have not ever MET HIM. You must believe and want Him more than any ONE or thing and He will come into you. You must come through His name which is Yeshua (alias Jesus)and believe what His book says He is. He came and took a body to pay the penalty for your sin (in the body) which has you separated from Him? You are spiritually dead until He moves into you? He went to hell for you? If you don't meet Him it is because you love your darkness more than His light. You love your self more than your maker? I promise you these words are true. If you don't meet him on this earth you will perish in hell. It is the reason for your being on earth? You choose your eternal place. No excuses. in Him Mark


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WriterGenevieve profile comment


Nice to meet you - I too am a Christian who has met God and I am forever grateful and forever changed. :)

koolmom0 profile comment


I am so happy to meet a fellow Christian :) Kool

dahlusion profile comment


Your profile statement is "very sad"…

liberalartist9 profile comment


Mr Haley, very nice to meet you! Thank you very much, you left me inspired! Sorry I haven't been on since today, I've been incredibly busy.

ForgottenSoul profile comment


Thank you for the love I needed it.

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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