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is sending love to everyone :)

  • Age: 45
  • Location: Charleston, SC
  • Gender: Female
  • Country: United States
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dragonfly1023 profile comment


you have a great gift and that's artistic sensitivity trocka7. your words are like beautiful strokes of the brush. I really love the visuals you paint :D

WordSlinger profile comment


Planet trocka7, what a place to be , we as poets are so lucky, to even get a scent, of this planet trocka7. Love yur poetry...............



You are too kind! I appreciate such a wonderful compliment! I tend to put out whatever "expressions" I have put to paper at some point or another in my life, some from long ago, some more recent. I thank you for allowing me to express myself without limits, your feedback supports me and keeps me open to posting more of what comes through me. Thank you WordSlinger!!!! Drop by my planet ANYTIME!!! :)

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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trocka7’s Poems (62)

Title Comments
Title Comments
Wisdom of Creation 2
Ka-Pow! 0
Mr. Mystic 7
Shine 7
Equilibrium 13
Satan Sprang 6
Love Questions 2
His-Story 1
Restricted 4
Passion-Trek 2
Dreamality 1
Being You 1
Bigot Begone 2
Take Me Home 1
Roundabout 1
Power 1
Cold Steel 5
Evolution 3
Holy Union 1
Remembered Strength 1
Muddled 4
Nurtured By Nature 2
Wide Open 2
Sunset Salutation 13
Facing Dark 2
Melting 0
Fuzzy Sedation 1
Watermelon Accents 2
A Bad Day 3
Jazzy Breezes 3
Perfect Unfolding 1
Free Flow 0
The Maze 0
Sneaky Shadow 0
Stepping Up 0
Thief 1
Shark 2
Here Now 2
Global Deception 5
Star Person 1
Dramarama 2
Emo Nazi 3
Heart Quest 1
Awakened 1
Prisoner 3
Semantics 2
Fickle 3
Grey 1
Word Power 3
Luna 7
Perspectacles 1
Edge of Storm 5
Cosmic 5
Stuck 1
Ego Revealed 3
A Look Around... 1
Toxic 5
Mind Trap 4
Twilight Passage 6
Thank You 1
Buried Secrets 5
Winter Magic 8