"7 Days of Bloodshed"


  • MalikPeterson

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Another old one which never made it out of the vault until now...do enjoy if you please.

"7 Days of Bloodshed"

7 Days of Bloodshed


This is some great material, really, I can’t believe it

Can’t get enough, give me more, I definitely need it

A day without it, I can’t go, would you believe I’d be sick?

A dirty bag of goodies keeps me on edge and hinged on these tricks.


Monday’s more morose metamorphosed from mundane

Tuesday’s twice as tumultuous, taking target at titillating then tame

When Wednesday comes we welcome the whole worlds wane

Thursday thrills thoroughly through the third day’s thane

Friday’s frivolous folly foreshadows the fanning of flames

Saturday’s saturated with the sadistic satirically slain

Sunday Sunday Sunday’s slumber sedates none but some, sin is the same


“It’s the end of days, can’t you see it?

So we might as well stay

together for a while and play!”


I’m so different than most, so in love with it, I can stomach it

And I just don’t see a problem if it never officially quits

I live and breathe it and it makes me whole…especially this…

Every time I turn on my television…there it sits…

Perched atop my senses, thankful with each breath that despair exists

Without it I would be nothing, unable to narrate the rare rate

At which my heart pumps blood through my veins in their state

Of complete ecstasy and never wanting to come down or aerate

An airdate is not needed for this fair slate of stimulants and snare bait

It pulls me in and ensnares my stare, eyes peel, glue and flare my pate


But dare I say…I can feel it in the air today, bedlam, carnage, dismay

Chaos, destruction, famine, war, murder, death, kill, disarray


I’m basking in it now, smile so sinister, feeling so true

To myself, and I laugh at the façade that had me feeling so blue

Hidden away in my happy place where the death toll rises

Violence claims them all like contestants claim prizes

Stuck to my devices but was troubled by my vices

Never regret my decision to make the world realize…I like it


So tell yourself, we are different you and I if you must

Tell the television to stop spouting, while shouting…SHUT UP!!!

Keep acting like you are convinced that humanity betrayed your trust

Then stop and just…join me, together…you and I, we and us


Because everyday mankind finds a new way to define…bloodlust





© 2008-2009 Malik Peterson. All Rights Reserved.

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Altair commented on "7 Days of Bloodshed"


Salaam Malik. .it has been too long since we've exchanged comments and yet as I enter I am pleased to notice you have Not lost a step in your expressive gesturing to a flyleaf .. word usage rhyme and flow all stand impressive and instructive in reflection ...loved it..



Alaikum salaam man...it has been. I haven't been on here too much. I appreciate you stopping through as always and I appreciate your comments...AND I'm glad you loved it lol...but we also need to keep in touch otherwise. I'll P.M. you in a sec.

AChance commented on "7 Days of Bloodshed"


Seen it, felt it, breathed it, smelled it. You fiend it, as hell bent, let it seep and melt in. And I can see its helping. While innocents mule and still whelping. I taste it, drink it, swollow and sink it. still boiling over the brink and I think I'll throw a kink in, before I let you forget, we'll still dance as merrionettes, at least untill our feet bleed and we spill and spell with the only thing we think our bodies need. Of course to pretend to be free. I'll pull youir strings if you promise to yank mine back, let's make it severe, and dance off of track. Courtsey to failure, bow to disease, let them inhale you, letting pain breed.... Just darkness.... But time to awake, no longer can we play. with nothing at stake, but the rising new day. I'm no where near as talented but you are inspiring. So I leave this work for you. =) I'm sure your already aware of your exstensive talent.



Thank you A...thats very interesting and nice of you :)

dragongirlie commented on "7 Days of Bloodshed"


Breathtaking...Malik, you know how to capture the truth...



Thank you dragon...you know what they say...The truth...shall set you free. :)

AmadeusEx commented on "7 Days of Bloodshed"


wow....youre like a beatnik poet...you should write a book in this form...love reading you, its so entertaining



Thanks Amad...I am really glad you like it...the comments are too kind...too kind.

Madelynn commented on "7 Days of Bloodshed"


Yes, it does Malik!-Ya know, when I was looking for a pic for my Double-Sided Coin piece,I was going through pictures of homeless..and ran across a picture of a mother holding two children in her arms..she was on a gurney with them-and they were all dead.Blown up, I think. I just looked in silence-couldn't even fathom a reason-couldn't! Then, I cried. Human evil is the most grotesque matter to me that exists-I just hurt all over when I witness it!-This write is dear to me, because,Malik-it is a voice,a voice for reason.A voice of truth-a voice, like that mother-who can no longer speak!-You are a blessing to the art of writing, friend!



Well thank you miss Madelynn...I feel honored that this piece meant so much to you and I was able to strike a chord and touch someone so deeply with something I wrote it really means a lot no matter how many times you hear it or read it...so thank you for bringing more meaning to my day...thank you sincerely. :)

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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