"Esteemed Colleague"


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    I had read some Freud before writing this...can you tell? lol 

    "Esteemed Colleague"

    Esteemed Colleague
    We’ve all got friends with no self esteem, low self esteem, or that boast self esteem.
    “My self esteem is a wealth of things. Got it made in the shade and can’t help it seems.”
    “I know much less about health well being, than I know about melted dreams.”
    “No one is willing to help me see, what potential is, so I prefer life lived stealth unseen.”
    But whatever the case may be, these colleagues share the common trait of esteem.
    Yet my friend and confidant shares all these things within himself and awaits redeem.
    Or is it that he awaits redemption, for those whose toes crushed under boastful mention?
    No intention to harm those he hurt just to mask his untamed lust for adorned contention.
    Forlorn description behind walls and closed doors, even behind eyes and public attention
    Yet he screams, “I am king”, but this gesture from this jester serves to hide conceptions,
    That he’s missed about himself, that happiness comes with first prize possessions.
    So he gives way, slips away from the paparazzo he only knows as civic demon for show.
    See in this middle ground he funnels a frown when sounds of errant chatter run surround.
    To bite your thumb at him would pummel him and cause a fiasco when dumbing it down.
    He sits by his scepter and wonderful gowns, heavy still lies his head not under the crown.
    From what it would sound, is that inner torment is not dormant when leaping the bounds,
    Just masked under a cast of callus, a practice he lasts with until his seclusion is found.
    So he is mummified with dummy pride, but un-inclined when the mummy’s unwound.
    So finally, he’s unraveled at the feeling of unfulfilling having him unwilling to continue.
    What’s worse is that it’s rehearsed and he’s submersed, universe is spilling his tissue.
    All over the earth that he’s traversed attempts to curse those in the lurch filling his venue.
    Un-averse to what hurts, to him occurs as just mirth, unheard of and curt killing this issue
    But then again, in the end, he likes to pretend that nothing really matters.
    That he knows no things that host cold scenes of bold new old dreams shattered.
    That he knows no ‘hold on oh so close’ to most tug of war ropes that ring ladders
    That he won’t toast lonely on the coast and cusp of empty cups of brain scatter.
    So he looks to the sky with wet and open eyes,
    Then closes them attempting to hope them dry
    My friend’s name is Id Ego Superbe…and as he goes…
    So do I.
    © 2008-2009 Malik Peterson. All Rights Reserved.

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    nini2323 commented on "Esteemed Colleague"


    You were right I like the amount of description and how you can put yourself inside it nice write



    thank you nini...appreciated:)

    WordSlinger commented on "Esteemed Colleague"


    I love the rhyme scheme, I read it 2 ways, this is one to be studied, the last part about the wey eyes and all, is great, been there. And the feeling after is divine, I like this Malik, a great poem, ty WS



    Thanks WS...I am glad you were able to climb in to it.

    MrGee commented on "Esteemed Colleague"


    Very well written. I noticed that you are enamoured to rhymning poems. This work paints an excellent picture in the readers mind. I especially am fond of the verse that reads- So he looks to the sky with wet and open eyes. And wud i be wrong if the friends i u ? anyway, this work is a definte 10



    Thanks MrGee. Yeah...I like to lose myself in the flow of it all definitely...and it could be me but I wont tell you...have to keep some mystique don't I? lol. Thanks for your time and your comment.

    jesusfreake commented on "Esteemed Colleague"


    beautiful as always....perfect and unique in every way....ur talent is amazing...keep it up!



    Thank ya blu...sorry for the delay in response but it got pushed to the second page :)

    Madelynn commented on "Esteemed Colleague"


    Now, didn't anybody ever tell ya-Don't read Freud before writing poetry, givin' luvins, or going to sleep!-Jeez whiz!!LOL-actually it's a good thing you read it before writing, because this is another-way kick~ass piece of art! You are brilliant! You have a way that reminds me of my heart keeper,John WordSlinger. If you two ever hooked up and wrote one together...wait.. hang tight a sec.,the thought just took my breath away!!LOL , of course you know this is a definate 10!-by the way, the count on your metering here, is way impressive!



    Thank you thank you. It's hard for me not to grin from ear to ear when reading your comments and no...I was never told about when not to read Freud lol. I think me and John are going to do something together sometime soon I am guessing...not sure of the particulars yet...but you will be the first to know I am sure. :) Cheers once again!!!

    In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

    Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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