"Just Invisible"


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    Sometimes we all feel this way I believe.

    "Just Invisible"

    Just Invisible

    Did you see me appear?
    No…I’m being clear

    crystal clear
    I’m greeted with a silently simple cheer…

    Crickets converse

    something’s missing here.

    Am I a fly on the wall or a trickling tear?
    Or is it that my transmission is simply missing gears?
    A play on words but it’s missing…ears.

    I’ve said words you’ve heard 365 ways on a list of years…
    But the source appears…to always disappear.

    This is weird.

    You never see me vanish because I’m never there…
    and if I was relevant here…
    you’d be able to tell that I was ever near.

    I’m just as sheer…
    as sleek as every contestant’s fears…
    swept under the rug and lead to the rear
    so domineer-ring…is that fear thing clear…

    cut…or just near what we consider pure lust?

    I’m just invisible.

    I could care less about the glitzy glamour…
    and I’m stuck up with out the ritzy grammar…
    keeping my head in the clouds because I’ve been enamored 
    by being in two places at once…it’s a splendid grandeur.

    My body is grounded here but I’m of a different dancer…
    On auto-pilot while my mind fraternizes in the skies with geese and ganders 
    I never speak in a stammer because I’m used to repeating the answers.
    But when I pull it all together I keep it brief with candor. 

    “I’m just invisible down here because I belong up there
    I haven’t sprouted wings yet because I’ve gone wrong somewhere…
    But when I get the hang of it…I’ll no longer long for what’s in air…
    And I’ll be invisible down here…but I’ll still sing my song up there.”

    If you can still see me…
    that means it hasn’t been accomplished yet…
    but I believe I can fly...
    I’m just waiting for these leaps of faith to connect.
    © 2008-2009 Malik Peterson. All Rights Reserved.

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    SILKYTWEED commented on "Just Invisible"


    Magnificent Write bra' to which I can relate in sentiments....your words and flow is really on point....Thanks for sharing....I like this joint too!!



    Thank you much. I appreciate all of your comments.

    WordSlinger commented on "Just Invisible"


    This is what I love, Witty, and in your face, and believe me I feel this, every snap in theis write, is intensely great. Am I being clear?? lol, fav to me... WS



    Lol yes...crystal clear lol. Thank you again and I am glad you liked it...hopefully you will continue to like every time you stop by.

    jesusfreake commented on "Just Invisible"


    BRILLIANT!!! this talent u have for writing poems seems to come so effortless....and without a struggle from u.....u have a gift....and ur embracing it...take it to an all new level (i know u got it in u)



    Aye Aye...I will do my best. Thank you for coming. I appreciate it greatly as always :)

    Madelynn commented on "Just Invisible"


    Oh My Lord, this is cool! You have like several diffrent spots on here I had to just keep dancing back to, for a reread, because of how crazy-good it was! The ending rocks. Ya know I'm actually noticing that with all your work-you hit hard from the start, then the ending is just BAM! You, my friend, are what I like to call..a perfect read!-



    Wow...I am definitely not worthy of such praise lol...but I like it...don't get me wrong :)...and yeah...I try to throw the reader off a cliff at the end. I feel like it gives a lasting impression . At least I hope it does anyway. Thanks much for the love. Cheers!!!

    dancinghawk commented on "Just Invisible"


    a thoughtful meditation on presence ... particularly poignant for the digital age ... and beautiful write, as always ... your careful attention to each phrase, often turning one in on itself, playful wordplay that doesn't get too caught up in its own wit ... hard to do ... and a great finish ... an enjoyable read ... nicely done!



    Thank you much dh. I appreciate your appreciation and your enjoyment of my work. I see you are analyzing me as well...your time is priceless to me. :)

    To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

    Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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