"Just Your Average Dreamer"(entry#3 dream series)


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    This is the last "part" of the dream series.

    "Just Your Average Dreamer"(entry#3 dream series)

    Just Your Average Dreamer

    It’s a beautiful day, blue skies are what you make of them.
    The breezes won’t blow your back away if you face the wind.
    Chasing sins or making them…
    It’s not the same when you’re fast asleep and you rake them in.

    No governing bodies with which you need to make amends.
    I could be anything…a chameleon in the make of men.
    I could be a king or a burglar breaking in…
    Set my sights on family heirlooms and escape with them.

    No consequences for homosapiens.

    Drape me in…
    a suit of armor…I’m a warrior
    or a suited charmer on a storied perch…
    in a suit of karma…womanizing…dating euphoria.
    Step in time…this tune is well suited giving glory birth.

    So always and forever when I close my eyes…though it’s no surprise…

    I dance to the beat of a different drummer.
    I’m hot in the winter it’s Indian summer
    Selling pipe dreams but not really a plumber
    It’s really a stunner…
    The brilliant slumber…
    Resilient numbers of…
    Of billions of others…
    In serious wonder… 
    at the furious colors…
    of a dreamscape…which has never been duller
    than the sun and moon dining at dusk as lovers.

    Yet my dreams aren’t all incognito…under the covers.

    As daylight strays away from yesterday’s night…
    As high noon’s high looms and sets the way bright..
    While sundown’s run down puts away kites…
    Till the little star’s twinkle twinkle begins to take sight…

    I’m just your average dreamer…
    The time to revel in scenes from dreams is always right.
    © 2008-2009 Malik Peterson. All Rights Reserved.

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    AmadeusEx commented on "Just Your Average Dreamer"(entry#3 dream series)


    third poem of yours ive read and once again im blown away by your voice and your talent and for once, they're both equally powerful....dont know how you do what i would love to figure out how to do, must b god given, anyways, great work, definitely better than 99 percent of the rest on here



    Wow...thank you for that compliment...I truly appreciate it...but do not think I am worthy of it.

    bklynrizz commented on "Just Your Average Dreamer"(entry#3 dream series)


    Nicely written. Good flow. It truely captures a dreamer, I should know I am one. lol:)

    BrielleC commented on "Just Your Average Dreamer"(entry#3 dream series)


    Your intelligent use of language and vocabulary! True, natural brilliance in my opinion! Blessed Be!

    frog commented on "Just Your Average Dreamer"(entry#3 dream series)


    Well written, and good flow. It really captivates the reader.

    1990lh commented on "Just Your Average Dreamer"(entry#3 dream series)


    wow first let me say that your are an excellent poet, and second i'm so putting this series of poems in my favs, love this. Your words are so expressive, and wow such vivid imagery, the concept of the poems was brilliant. superior job and i truly mean that THANK YOU THANK YOU for sharing.



    Well I thank you for bestowing excellence upon me. It is truly humbling. I don't know what else to say about that. I am glad that I was able to touch you with my work enough to make it one of your favorites. Thank you so much for reading and for commenting :)

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