"Land of Make Believe"


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    This piece is a couple of years old...just thought I would share. :)

    "Land of Make Believe"

    Land of Make Believe

    After the war, after the war they say
    They always say
    So I started to believe it…convey
    The message once more my way
    After the war, there will be a better day…someday

    A land of make believe, a land of make believe
    They don’t shake and grieve, those fakes deceive
    After all in this land of make believe we can’t conceive
    Concepts like death and grief, and less to eat
    Because TV families only digest then preach
    About…what else but make believe, make believe

    When they taint the sea, they make believe it’s ancient seeds
    Planted by our fore fathers to paint debris
    Into a corner and make it gleam
    Now it’s brand-spanking new and quaintly clean
    I hate these things they make me see, angrily
    I turn away, but they tune me back in to make believe…
    make believe

    They say saints don’t deceive but I ask how can this be
    When they make me believe that saints aren’t make believe
    And saints relate to make sinners pay for sins
    But then and then again, make believe saints are free from them

    My angst can’t breathe again, chocking on this helium
    And hot air they balloon into this heirless loom 
    We call imperative doom…what’s that…make believe?

    You’ve seen the ads…”We will wash your brain clean”
    Free it up from all that junk on TV so you too can make believe…
    make believe

    That war is a game and soldiers never die
    That the saints on TV make the sinners fry
    No forsaken children sit down to dinner to cry
    No bitter mothers wishing the saintliest sinners be spied
    Drawn and quartered, burned at the stake, barely alive

    No soldiers of fortune come back to misfortune 
    Unable to work for a portion of what was gained, while they made them a fortune

    No lives changed forever, and purple hearts placed over broken hearts
    No keys to the city, they don’t even receive the keys to start

    Yes, making believe is the easy part
    While all the while being made to believe that our reality is this land of…
    make believe, make believe

    After the war, after the war they say
    They always say
    So I started to believe it…convey
    The message once more my way
    After the war, there will be a better day…someday…

    In this land of make believe…
    make believe.
    © 2008-2009 Malik Peterson. All Rights Reserved.

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    Helios commented on "Land of Make Believe"


    A truely wonderful story by a wonderful storyteller. I have enjoyed your long free verse poem, and I believe that I will one day have the chance to meet you... as a successful writer.



    Thanks Helios...that would be great wouldn't it?

    KtIrish commented on "Land of Make Believe"


    There is nothing I can say that I haven't said before. I'm going to have to break out a thesaurus or something...This was outstanding. I love it. A world of make-believe, very sad, but very true.



    Lol...thank you Kt. It is always a pleasure reading your comments really really. :)

    mistynites26 commented on "Land of Make Believe"


    So true...."Each day a new fable each morn a new tale and all to make us believe all is truely well....What a crock of b. s. I say even though in this makebelieve land I must stay"......Very good read my friend

    mamasan commented on "Land of Make Believe"


    Ah, leave it to a Virgo to say it like it is. A Virgo looks good on the outside nicey-nicey but then when you try to deceive them....you better watch. Because they will tear asunder any frigging liar that compromises their way of living. Be it saint or sinner and those t.v. ads. Virgo man, are worse than that Hini flu........

    AmadeusEx commented on "Land of Make Believe"


    youre a master storyteller, a master make-believer...and definitely this is a page turner...speechless, too many great lines, too many great ideas and turns of phrase...every poem is a masterpiece



    Well thanks Amadeus...I am glad you feel that way. I appreciate your comments to the max. Thanks again for dropping by.

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