"Once Upon a Yesterday"


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    It's not what it seems lol

    "Once Upon a Yesterday"

    Once Upon a Yesterday

    Once upon a yesterday...
    we talked about forever days.
    Now that that's all gone away...
    all else has failed and settled gray.

    New moon rising...come what may.
    Sleeping dogs...let's let them lay.
    These wounds heal nor fester...nay...
    for this was once upon a yesterday.

    Jeepers creepers...creature features...
    yes...let's play.

    Intestines ingested infection
    I'm retching wretched at your recollection...

    ever clever better days.

    But this was once upon a yesterday.

    Just today...stress and fray.
    Yesterday...reckless play...
    on a restless beach...
    near a blessed bay.
    Water cool on a tepid May...day
    eyes locking incessant way...
    promising we'd never stray.

    Now all I can ever say is...
    once upon a yesterday.

    Caught up on an pressured...stay
    Flashy treasure never...clay
    Now that you have gone away...
    my every day...blase...blase.

    As I sit and pen purveys...
    emotions of defeat and disarray...
    "A love he's lost." Is what they'll say...
    but Nostalgia came for visit pay.

    We sat before the fire place...
    and talked about forever days.
    She leaves abrupt...she never stays...
    and me with her she never takes...
    as she returns to and never sways...

    from once upon a yesterday

    © 2009-2010 Malik Peterson. All Rights Reserved.

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    BrokenAngel210 commented on "Once Upon a Yesterday"


    i've come to realize that love hurts....it' very hard to be in love. i love my husband with my last breath, but sometimes {God Forbid} I just feel like we're not going to make it through another year. and when i'm in doubt...oh does my soul hurt, i feel like it will be the end of my world. But i thank God every anniversary for carry'n us through another year. i totally get this poem...i feel ur pain great write10 4u - amira



    thank you amira...and as I said before...I hope it gets easier and easier :)

    Photojan12 commented on "Once Upon a Yesterday"


    unusual flow of words but with great impact. Life is full of good-byes. We have to save and savor the good memories. Great writing.



    Thanks Jan...appreciated.

    jesusfreake commented on "Once Upon a Yesterday"


    beautiful.....masterpiece....u are truly one of a kind



    Awww...thanks blu. I am glad you liked another one...and you really do flatter me. :)

    Madelynn commented on "Once Upon a Yesterday"


    Well now clever one-remember poetry is perceived by the eye of the beholder! Like a song or,The Bible! All I can offer is my interpretation, and what it meant-to me. 'She' is time! The continual refrence to yesterday, to me indicates time constantly becoming our past-the memories on the 'restless' beach has submeanings of this-such as the sand(a time indicator)-and the stanza that promises to hold on to that moment,which unfortunately also becomes yesterday!-To me, this piece is of love loss-in the sense that your 'love' is the moments of yesterday!-just my take.-amazing work! You floor me-really.



    Firstly...I am so glad that you liked it and am flattered by the flooring. Secondly...You are correct in a sense with your evaluation...because I would be wrong if I said that it isn't correct...because SHE is nostalgia. She is a longing for this past time that you have spoken of...so I tip my hat to you(will have to put one on first lol)Thanks again for stopping by Maddi. :)

    dancinghawk commented on "Once Upon a Yesterday"


    there may be Nostalgia for the playfulness and care-freedom of youth ... but the one before us is the producer of the beautiful work ... knowing that time is short, and there is so much to be done ... and that ... there is always room for the child, even as "defeat and disarray" challenge us ... luv this "coded" piece, lol ... thx for posting! :) -dh



    Thank you for commenting dh and I am glad as always that you liked it and found meaning in it. :)



    not Nostalgia, huh? maybe you'll have to follow up your code with an explanation then, lol ... good luck with that! :)



    Yes...it is nostalgia. You are correct ma lady...I guess I was caught up in responding and didnt think to congratulate you lol...but right on the head you have hit it :)



    Nostalgia/Time are fine lovers to be sure, lol ... thx for the note :)

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